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Title: The Slay-Team 2/?
Warning: AU A-Team, Serious major character injury, violence, monsters, language
All monster descriptions are at the end of the chapter.

Chapter 1


March 30, 2010 – Khewa, Afghanistan

“What we looking for out here?” B.A. asked.

“Not sure. In this region could be a Bashmu or Girtablilu. All we know is, it’s nasty and it’s killed 10 people over the last two months.”

“So we’re going in blind? Is that really safe with something this dangerous, Boss?” Face shook his head as he checked his rifle.

Yes, it was dangerous, but they did it anyway; which is how Murdock found himself winding through the wooden stands of the village market when he heard a noise coming from an alley.

“I think I might have found what we’re looking for.” Murdock whispered into his headset as he crept around the corner of a building to get a visual confirmation.

In a corner, hunched low in the shadows was a beast he couldn’t quite make out.

“Bossman, I don’t know what it is but this definitely ain’t a Girtablilu. It’s hairy.” 

“Where are you?”

“In the marketplace.”

“We’re on the way. Stay back.”

“Will do.” Murdock started to duck into an enclosure when the thing got to its feet. The bipedal beast stood almost 7 feet tall, body covered in coarse gray hair. It had deadly sharp claws and bright yellow eyes that scanned the area thoroughly as it sniffed the air with its long snout.

“Shit. A werewolf. It’s a werewolf. Change of plans. I’m on the move, boys.” Murdock frantically yelled, vaulting over the stall as the werewolf became aware of his presence and charged after him with a howl.

The confused shouts of his teammates continued in his ear as he ran down the opposite throughway.

“Hang on, buddy, I’m coming.”

“Ain’t no werewolves in Afghanistan!”

“Steady, Captain.”

Murdock turned a corner trying to ignore the fact that he heard the damned thing growling and panting right over his shoulder but a violent jerk had him turning towards the beast as he suddenly felt claws dig into the back of his jacket. It was so close he could smell and feel its foul, rancid breath.

“Fuck you, Fido.” Murdock kicked out and connected with its leg, the action stunning enough that he was able to pull forward and run as he yanked himself free of the jacket. He kept moving even when he heard the clatter of the M4A1 he’d had strapped over his shoulder as it hit the ground.

Murdock pulled his CZ 75B out of its holster as he came to a stop in front of a burned out old car.

The werewolf made its way out into the open, sights set on him as it let loose another bone-jarring howl.

It raced towards him and he began to shoot, the impact making loud thwumps against the beast. The bullets though silver barely slowed it down and before Murdock could try and get over the car’s hood the werewolf was on him.

He lashed out at it, fist against muzzle but it swiped with a clawed hand and knocked him to the ground before it sunk teeth into his arm and shook him wildly.

Murdock heard vague screams as he fought against the werewolf but didn’t dare take his eyes off the monster on top of him. He blindly reached for the pistol that had been knocked away from him and a strangled wail tore from his throat when his hand wrapped around the grip.

Murdock brought the gun forward and pumped what was left of the 16 shots into the werewolf, sending it tumbling backwards but he didn’t let up as he crawled to his feet and continued to pull the trigger until all he got was the dry click of an empty magazine.

The screaming continued even as the beast started to shift back to human form in death and it wasn’t until Murdock looked down at his bleeding arm, ‘Bleeding because the fucker bit me.’ did he realize the noise was coming from him.

Murdock whipped around to see if he was still alone and reached up with his uninjured arm to his ear piece but it wasn’t there. He quickly ran back towards the alley, tearing his shirt sleeve into strips to wrap the wound up as he went.

‘Shit, Shit. What am I gonna do?’ In the dark path he saw his jacket and rifle lying on the ground. Murdock reached for the jacket but his whole body started to shake. Trying to steady himself, he leaned against the wall but it was no use when a wave of nausea joined the tremors and he started to vomit.

A fleeting thought of, ‘No more fucking sour worms before a mission’ had him bending back over with a sob just as shouts came from out where the werewolf was.

The rest of the team continued to scream for him but he couldn’t move from the spot where he was slumped over, his hand feebly reaching for his jacket.

They were getting closer and the voice in his head assured him that if they found him here in the alley, his foot in a puddle of his own sick as he sagged against the wall it would be the absolute end. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Just boom, night-night.

“No, no.” Murdock shook his head and argued, “Bullshit. Won’t do that.” He pushed himself up, snagging his jacket before he picked up the rifle. A glance at his arm showed the bleeding had already stopped but the burning was excruciating as he slid the jacket back on.

His stomach rolled once more as he stepped out into the open space and waved his arm.

“Crikey! That was a big, nasty bugger.” H.M. Irwin, werewolf hunter, to the rescue, Murdock disconnectedly thought.

“Murdock!” B.A. and Face ran over to him but where B.A. stopped short, Face slammed into the pilot so hard they both almost fell over.

“You all right? You didn’t get bit, did you? What the fuck happened?” Face pulled and prodded at Murdock as he checked for injuries.

“Stop. I’m fine. Right as rain.” The Australian accent fell away as Murdock twisted to get from Face’s searching hands, doubling his efforts when he glanced at B.A. who appeared to be two seconds away from holding Murdock down himself so Face could do a more thorough check.

“Temp, stop.” Murdock murmured against Face’s ear as he once again tried to extract himself from the Lieutenant’s grasp.

“Ok. Ok.” With a worried look Face stepped back but didn’t let go of Murdock’s shoulder as he glanced towards Hannibal. “Colonel, what is it?”

Hannibal looked up from the body on the ground, “Something’s wrong.”

Chapter 3


1Bashmu: Venomous viper with forelegs.
2Girtablilu: Scorpion Man

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Thanks! :D
I'm on a roll tonight. May have more up tomorrow. Yes, poor Murdock. I feel so bad but I'm gonna be flinging him all over the place during this fic just like that werewolf did. Poor bb. :( Though I can't say I ain't enjoying it. :P


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