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Title: The Slay-Team 4/? (Movie AU)
Warning Overall: Alternate Universe A-Team, Violence, Gore, Language, Monsters all over the damned place

Chapter 1    Chapter 2    Chapter 3

April 7 – 3 weeks till the Full Moon

“Fool, you’re gonna fry your crazy brain sitting out here in this heat with that long-assed shirt on!” B.A. growled, watching the pilot at the grill.

“Nah, big guy, new meds are keeping me Chilly Willy.” Murdock smiled widely and tried to ignore the rivulets of sweat that were pooling at the small of his back.

“They need to be keeping you sane.” B.A. continued as he bent down to work on his motorcycle.

B.A. had been hounding him about his sudden penchant for long sleeves and Murdock knew he’d have to do something because the meds excuse was only going to work as long as someone, namely Hannibal, didn’t have a talk with Dr. Richter. And with B.A.’s constant harping, that could very well be soon.

Murdock sneaked a glance at B.A.’s turned figure before wiping the sweat off the back of his neck. He was hot and exhausted. He’d barely slept at all the last week. Any time he’d try to turn off the ol’ noggin for a siesta the swirling, rushing sound would be loud and constant in his head.

“Like my brain ain’t already filled to capacity. Shoulda put the no vacancy sign out. Gotta remember that next time.” Murdock mumbled as he flipped the steaks.

As loud as it was, the noise was something Murdock could handle but the cloying, coppery smell that he couldn’t get rid of was even worse. He’d told Face it was like someone had shoved pennies up his nose, which was better than when he realized what it really was.

He had been lying on his bunk a few days ago staring at the ceiling, listening to the sounds of Face and B.A.’s deep breaths in sleep when it clicked into place. The rushing, thumping noises, it was them. The whole time Murdock had been wide awake listening to their hearts beating and he hadn’t even realized it. And the smell…blood. He’d started gagging then and barely made it outside before he was puking.

Murdock was pulled off the winding path of his thoughts when Face joined them outside, placing himself between B.A. and the pilot, reaching out to tap him on the wrist before mouthing, ‘You ok?’

Murdock responded in the negative with a head shake.

“Come on.” Face said lowly as he took in the overall fatigue and dark circles under the pilot’s eyes.

“Hey Bosco, grubs up.” Murdock placed the food on a plate and stepped out from behind the grill to quickly follow Face before B.A. could ask any questions.

When Face pushed him into a supply closet Murdock could have laughed if it hadn’t been so sad. A month ago would have been a completely different story as he yanked off his shirt while Face locked the door. But right now he just needed the sweat soaked shirt off so he could cool down without the stares of the rest of the team boring into him.

He sunk to the floor, listening to Face move around before he sat down and tried to give Murdock space in the small closet.

“I’m gonna die of this heat before I even have to deal with the werewolf bullshit.” Murdock drawled, laying down on the dirty floor and letting out a sigh when Face’s fingers lightly trailed over his knee.

“There’s got to be something that can help. I’ll go back to the websites I’ve been looking over; I’ll check them out again. I haven’t had time to read through that book I just got, though. Maybe there’s…”

“Face, I love you, but stop talking. Putting all that humid carbon dioxide in the air, I swear…I will… I will bite you. Then we’ll really need a lycanthropologist’s help.” Murdock threatened.

Face laughed then went silent and Murdock was thankful for the quiet but even more so for the occasional brush of fingers over his hand or along his side as they sat in the darkness.

April 14 – 2 weeks till the Full Moon

“Remember how it used to be when Bosco and Hannibal were away?”  Murdock sighed wistfully as Face sat at the end of his bed, flipping through Dr. Naughton’s, ‘Lycanthrope Life’.

Since Face had the book delivered the week before, it would almost magically appear anytime they were alone, to the point where Murdock would rather have stuck to B.A.’s side than hear tales of the good doctor’s “insight” into werewolves.

“Face, don't you think Bossman knows something’s up? You don’t read and now this book’s attached to you.” The pilot stripped off the long sleeve shirt and roughly rubbed a hand over the ragged scar on his right arm.

“What? This is on it,” Face wiggled the book with its nondescript murder mystery cover at Murdock, “and shut up, I read all the time.”

“Yeah, magazines and dirty limericks on bathroom stalls.” Murdock chuckled at the offended look Face shot him as he flung himself onto Face’s bunk.

“At this rate you can write your own book, ‘What to Expect When Your Boyfriend’s Wolfing.’ It’ll be a best seller! We’ll retire and you can buy me a track and once a month I can chase Little Bunny Foo-Foo round and round in circles while you write the follow up, ‘Aftercare for Your Werewolf Partner.’ Murdock continued, punctuating important plans with sweeping gestures.  

Face put the book aside, grabbing one of Murdock’s flailing hands and shifting closer; effectively bringing the pilot’s ramblings to a halt as he let out a shaky breath then asked, “Any luck finding a place for me to let my hair down?”

Face shook his head as he entwined their fingers. “Not yet but I did get a lead from Ray about this bunker out in Karma. I’ll head out in a few days to check it out.”

“Well, don’t forget my list of demands. They’re very important. I absolutely refuse to…”

“Murdock. Hey.” Face gave the hand in his a squeeze and anxious green eyes focused on him. “I’ll take care of you, I promise.”

April 28 – 4 hours to moon rise

Murdock was supposed to grab some last minute things that Face thought they might need but after throwing them in a pack and turning to leave he found himself unable to move any further than dropping down onto his bunk where he now sat, hands twisting his cap.

He’d been shaking constantly for the past 12 hours, starting right before he’d crawled in behind Face that morning, pressing himself against the length of the Lieutenant’s back as his whole body shook violently.

“What…?” Face groggily questioned before he rolled over, Murdock vaguely making out his features in the dimness.

“I can’t do this.” Murdock whispered, fingers digging into Face’s bicep as if to anchor himself.

“Yes you can. We got it.” Face’s hand came up to tangle in Murdock’s messy hair.

“What if something goes wrong? What if we get caught? What if I hurt you…or worse?” Murdock felt his voice get more frantic after each question no matter how hard he tried to keep steady.

“Shhh, shhh. You’re gonna wake up B.A.” Face brought Murdock close, noses slotted alongside each other as their foreheads touched. “We don’t have a choice. There’s no other option. It’ll work. I know it.”

Words that should have been soothing immediately had Murdock struggling against Face, trying to sit up. “Fuck that, Temp. That’s bullshit. Why won’t you say it?”

“H.M.” Face groaned as B.A.’s snores hitched in the dark. Once B.A. settled, his snores becoming constant again, Face sat up and leaned against the pilot. “Say what?”

“That there’s a possibility of it getting royally fucked, even more than it already is. That it won’t be ok. I just need to know that you know.”

Murdock knew Face had spent the last month pouring over books, files, anything that looked even remotely legit on the internet, shit, even things that didn’t. But he needed Face to understand what could happen and that at some point things might not be bad but they’d never truly be alright again.

He sat trying to ride out the tremors, waiting for Face to say something but instead he reached out, bringing Murdock back down to the mattress and wrapping himself around the pilot where they silently stayed as darkness started to fade into light.

“That shit ain’t cool.” B.A.’s frustrated growl woke Murdock immediately. He opened his eyes and stared at Face’s throat before craning to look at B.A. over his shoulder.

“Y’all being stupid. You know that.”

Murdock saw the annoyance but caught something else flicker across the big man’s features before he turned to leave, making him wonder if B.A. was talking about them being tangled together or something else.


“Murdock… Captain.”

At the sharp bark of his rank, Murdock’s head shot up to see Hannibal standing just inside the doorway.

He pushed himself to his feet, tugging his cap low to avoid eye contact with Hannibal. “Hey, Bossman, just on my way out.”


He tried to slide by but Hannibal blocked the entrance and grasped the pilot’s right arm, recognition sweeping over his face as his hold tightened.

Murdock met the Colonel’s gaze and it took every ounce of strength not to break right there. “It’s good, sir. Everything’s fine.”

Hannibal sighed and didn’t let go.  “I talked to Dr. Richter. You know this is…”

“Really running late, Boss. Catch ya’ on the flip side.” Murdock cut him off, yanking his arm free and rushing out, not looking back as he made his way to find Face.


April 28 – 3 hours to moon rise

“General Morrison, we have an issue at hand that needs to be discussed.”

Morrison placed papers on his desk before turning towards the blond S.D.A. agent that stepped out of the shadows.

“Agent Lynch, what issue could be so important that you’re lurking around in the dark of my office?”

“It’s about the unit you sent into Khewa last month.” He made no further move as the General sat down behind his desk.

“Yes, I thought that matter was closed.” Morrison pulled a decanter of Scotch out of a drawer and started to pour himself a drink.

“It was supposed to be, but over the last few weeks we’ve received intel that proves otherwise. We believe that one of the team was compromised during the containment.”

Scotch sloshed out of the glass as Morrison slammed it down on the desk. “That’s impossible. Hannibal would have come to me.”

“We’re not so sure the Colonel knows.” Lynch smirked as the news shook the General.

“You’re saying one of Smith’s team was bitten? “ Morrison ran a hand over his face. “How sure is this intel of yours?”

“We’ve been monitoring the situation since Afghanistan and we’re sure enough that we need to move on this immediately. Moon rise is in less than three hours.”

Morrison sighed heavily, “This is a goddamned mess. Which one of the boys is it?”

“Lieutenant Peck, General.”

Chapter 5

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