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by salesassociatesteve & illustrated by deanneedsyou

Dean Winchester has come in contact with many things during his life as a hunter. Ghost hauntings and wendigo killings, dragon kidnappings and fairy encounters. But what he never expected to deal with was alien abductions. Especially his own.

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My fic was picked by an artist!!! Can't wait till we're allowed to start conversing. :D :D :D
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And I'm actually gonna finish this friggin' year!
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About that Season Finale. JFC.

Though I do have one thing to say. It most DEF blasted through my months long writer's block. I've got my [ profile] deancasbigbang completely plotted out PLUS like 48958958 other ideas that want to all be written at once.
And with some tweaking I can actually continue with my Hunter Plaid 'Verse of stories. WHICH I'm def happy about since I've got like freaking 6k worth of stories on my laptop that just need some readjusting. YES don't judge my OCD. It's bad. I know this. BUT now I've got 5-6 months to write as much as I can before S9 starts lol.

GUH I miss writing SOOOOOOOO bad. Hopefully I'll have stuff up soon.


Feb. 17th, 2013 06:47 am
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WTF is my life that it's almost 7 a.m., I haven't gone to sleep yet and I'm sitting here wrapped in freaking blankets in my cold assed house finishing up a biological imperative fueled Slay-Team smut fic?
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Bless you Warren Ellis!!

I'm gonna celebrate by writing a bunch of werewolf smut today! Both Slay-Team and Teen Wolf.



Jan. 23rd, 2013 01:06 am
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I just posted my first Teen Wolf tiny story over at [ profile] fullmoon_ficlet.

Feeling REALLLLLLLLY weird. The first non A-Team story I've written in my last 13 years of fan fiction history. O_O Creepy. LOL.

Also seeing as how my story came out kinda Erica/Boyd I've come to realize I ship EVERYONE on the damned show EXCEPT Sterek and the canon couples. Whoops.
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After missing last year's Werewolf Big Bang I actually got signed up this time.  I've already got two ideas. Either a Slay-Team continuation OR thanks to [ profile] umbrellas_can a Supernatural story. I'm so excited.

We'll see which one comes out. :)

Also OMG I am absolutely in LOVE with my Erica mix for [ profile] waywardmixes. I'm almost done. Can't wait to post it. :)
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Hey guys [ profile] smallfandombang is in need of artist for this round!! Here's the list of fandoms being written for. As of right now there's 16 artists to 71 authors. So if you wanna art it up for some awesome Big Bang stories or know someone that does, go sign up!!! It's gonna be fun. :D


A 10,000-word big bang for small fandoms!

FAQ | Rules | Artists | Beta/Cheerleader | Affiliate
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Next week is sign ups for the [ profile] werewolfbigbang!! Can't wait. Doing a Slay-Team story, which means I REALLY should finish the first one, dammit.

Also gotta get my rough draft done for [ profile] smallfandombang. It's feeling like it might be easier than I thought since I seriously fell so hard in love with Slow Burn. Now my brain is all full of ideas for Outside Looking In. xD Eventually I want to do B.A.'s backstory. It's already got a freaking title: No Throttle. I'm such a nerd but I've had titles for both Slow Burn and B.A.'s story since the summer.

Finishing up an original story that I'm submitting to an anthology of dark fairy tales. *shock* It's got a werewolf angle.
I know it won't get picked up but ya gotta start somewhere. Can't have a first rejection if you don't ever start.

Hope everyone is well in this new year.


Dec. 17th, 2012 01:54 pm
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When your Secret Santa fic exchange story decides AT THE LAST MINUTE that most certainly NO OTHER OPTION it's gonna be atleast DOUBLE what it was supposed to be. >.>
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I've been very ugh lately about interacting with anyone. THOUGH the upside is I've gotten almost 10k written between the last part of Into the Wind and my Secret Santa fic that's not so much secret but I know the giftee will like the story. Now hopefully this will carry through to my original story that's due for submission on Jan. 15. Though the minimum word count is only 3000 and with the way I've been rolling lately I think it'll be fine.
In other news I am NOT ready for Christmas... as it is every year. *groan*

Yeahhhh so that's what I'm doing. xD
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<--------   That's 100%, absolutely me right now. Which is why I spent last night screencapping and making a TON of new icons AND making stupid art for my AU but not writing any of it. Which means I can't show anyone the pictures because I haven't WRITTEN the story. >.> I'm starting to rethink my "finish the story completely before posting" rule I *JUST* imposed on myself. Maybe journal only until it's finished THEN I'll put it up other places?
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Ever get the STRANGEST story idea just outta nowhere? I don't even know where this thing came from. It's A-Team but COMPLETELY AU. I don't even know... but I kinda want it. xD Like really bad. Lol.
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Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, for those who celebrate. Everyone else I hope you had a good Thursday. :D
My family ate out yesterday so there was no leftovers so I'm awake and not feeling like a disgusting slob this morning. Which is good considering my coworker is out so I'm doing both our jobs.

I swear one of these days I'll have the end of The Slay-Team up. >.> It's just being difficult and honestly I think part of it is me being worried that the ending's gonna suck ass. I will NEVER AGAIN post a story without it being completely done. This sucks.

I've got my Secret Santa story to work on then I need to start focusing on an original story that I'm submitting for Black Apples, an awesome gothic fairytales anthology. I'd love to get in, it's a really cool story idea but I there's no way it'd happen the first time out. Eh, it'll be fun either way. :D
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Damn my muse seems to be slinking it's way back after fighting me tooth and nail and in some instances just flat out ignoring me the last couple months. Not gonna lie... panties. Lol. If I'd known, I woulda set a trap filled with Agent Provacateur sooner. I've got two more little things that I HAVE to get out and then I swear I'll put the panties away for awhile. Lol.

I'm home alone for the next week so my plan is to write ALL THE STORIES. Let's hope it works out. *fingers crossed*

I was at my sister's last night watching Supernatural and she came flying up to me in the kitchen as I was cooking and screeched, "PUT A PINK PANTY WARNING ON YOUR BLOG!!!"

That's what you get! Girl, quit Tumblr creeping me. Hehe
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I had it all planned out that I was gonna write a Slay-Team origins story for the [ profile] smallfandombang.
Yeahhhhhh, apparently my muse has decided otherwise. After months of not writing on it and being stalled pretty much after the little vignette prequel, Kicking Sawdust I'm FINALLY gonna write the circus AU, Outside Looking In for the bang. I'm really excited and actually worked on it last night for the first time in forever. I'm also gonna try and get the B.A. and Murdock backstory companion stories done as well. Hopefully my muse is in a writing mood again. :D

I'm also in need of a beta reader for my A-Team Slash Secret Santa story. I'm looking for someone that's not signed up who can tear this thing apart so it comes out awesome for the exchange.
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Dang, I feel so bad [ profile] dmitchell1985 has just been hanging out at my house all day with only my punk cats for entertainment while I have to work. I'm TOTALLY excited she's here though. My town's gonna throw us out!! Lol. :D

Gonna start on the final draft tomorrow for my undeadbigbang story that still doesn't have a title.
The three stories I *was* working on have decided to screech to a halt so I can apparently pick up this story for the Fu King timeline that I haven't worked on since May. Weird Fu King feels outta nowhere. Hopefully I can get SOMETHING out this damned month. I feel like nothing has been written because I haven't put anything online but this is pretty much my most active writing wise month since moving, it's just all on the big bang so it's gotta be finished before published. WOW what's that about? Lol.
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[ profile] dmitchell1985 will be here on Tuesday! WOOT!! Before she gets here I have 3 half done pieces of porn to finish. Lol. My poor brain got so beat down with plot last week with my undead big bang that it was like NOOOOOOPE we're writing all the porn now. Hehehe Hopefully I'll get them done because I need some good ol' porn before I batten down the hatches for the 9084589568756 things I have coming up. I think I may have let fandom get a weeeeee bit outta control this month. >.< WHOOPS.


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