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Soooo I'm at work today and I hear my male coworkers start talking about the A-Team. Of course I slide over...

And join the conversation, whipping all their asses in A-Team knowledge. :D

Then I make them sad pandas by telling them there's no sequel. One of the dudes asks me about Amy Allen on the show and I started in telling them how they could have put Amy in the sequel using my 'Game Got Switched' story as an outline.

They were all...

And I proceeded to...

As the dudes at work approved of slash... well ok slash without the presence of dicks touching. LOL.

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Man, I feel AMAZING. Work is so fun. I've already built two things this morning that'll look great in a portfolio.
Apparently, my poor brain was on strike because of boredom. This is only my second day at work and I've already got 1500 done on my [ profile] undeadbigbang story. It's an Amy Allen Slay-Team verse origin story. I still need to find a title. It won't be posted until sometime at the end of next month but hopefully I can get to the ending of the main Slay-Team story and some Outside Looking In while I wait. :)

In the meantime I TOTALLY have porn to post tonight. Hehehe my poor muse has been so sad lately and upon waking decided PORN, PORN is the answer. Hehehe I filled two of my bingo squares with it as well. Nice. I'm totally going for a blackout bingo.

My work is 2 miles away from my house, which will be nice when it gets cooler and I can walk. I drove home today, ate lunch and STILL have 30 minutes left. THIS. IS. AWESOME.
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HUZZAH!!! I got the job I wanted. :D :D :D  YAYYYYY!! I'm excited. I start Tuesday at 8 a.m. OMG I'm gonna stay up for ALL. THE. DAYS. Lol awwwwww goodbye unemployment I enjoyed the hell outta you. *tears*

Now I'm about to go ball it out big time and take a nap while waiting for my celebratory pork roast to cook. I'm living large folks!!!
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This past week has been a roller coaster of bizarre and amazing things and today was no different. I broke a board or rather had a breakthrough. A breakthrough of self-doubt that I'm not going to let keep me down anymore in ANY aspect of my life. It's the strangest and most amazing feeling I've ever had. I wish this for EVERYONE.

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WOOT!!! I've never been so happy to get a C in a class in my LIFE. Bite me Biz Law!!!!!

Now off to go peddle some dildos. :D


Feb. 3rd, 2012 01:39 am
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I should TOTALLY be in bed right now. I have a party tomorrow night in Gainesville, which is an hour away so that means I won't be home until super late. I can't help it though. I'm on a freaking writing streak so I don't wanna break it by going to bed. OMG I'm scared it'll be like the day I stayed up all night and wrote two stories then had to go to a meeting with the Bridal show coordinator. Those were fun though. So hey, can't be that bad right?
Plus, I've got three parties this weekend so there will be no time for writing. :( My F/M smut will not pay the bills... but my selling of the sex toys will! :D


Jan. 22nd, 2012 01:53 am
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It's WONDERFUL when the ole noggin' decides to fire up after being dormant to straight up rebellious all day and I'm able to actually find REALLY important stuff that I've searched high and low for. Unfortunately it's decided to do it at 2 a.m. Yep, good thing I have tons of busy work for my bridal show tomorrow. Guh.


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