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Title: Where You Hide (MOV)
Warning: Hurt/Comfort, Angst. A more realistic look at Murdock’s mental instability. Dissociation, mental break with reality, discussion of past mental institutionalization and treatments.
Pairing: Face/Murdock
Summary: Face needs to stop for a minute after they break Murdock out of the hospital to pull the pilot back with him.
A/N: Title & theme based on James Bay’s amazing song, Hold Back the River that gives me all of the Face/Murdock post-Germany breakout reunion feels.

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Title: The One to Beat
Pairing: Castiel/Dean/Gunnar Lawless
Word Count: 3,457
Warnings: Threesome, double penetration, bottom!dean
Summary: Because two dicks for Dean is ALWAYS better than one. Especially when Dean’s longtime wrestling crush is involved.
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Title: The Slay-Team 6/? (Movie AU) (Ch. 1-5)
Warning Overall: Alternate Universe A-Team, Violence, Gore, Language, Monsters all over the damned place

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Title: Light of a New Day
Characters: Castiel, Dean Winchester, Nora
Warning: None
Summary: It may not be ideal but Castiel's trying to make his way through this human life.
A/N: The 2.5 year overdue 9.06 coda that no one asked for but I finally got off my ass and finished anyway.

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Title: The Bee's Knees - Part 5 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4)
Characters/Pairings: Cain/Castiel
Warning: ABO dynamics, Mpreg, babies, FLUFF SO MUCH FLUFF. Embarrassing amounts.

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by salesassociatesteve & illustrated by deanneedsyou

Dean Winchester has come in contact with many things during his life as a hunter. Ghost hauntings and wendigo killings, dragon kidnappings and fairy encounters. But what he never expected to deal with was alien abductions. Especially his own.

On AO3

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Title: Little Something Extra
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Word Count: 426
Warnings: Fisting, rimming, bottom!castiel, so dirty for something so short
Summary: Castiel needs just a little more.

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Title: Teenagers from Mars (Punk!Castiel/Cheerleader!Dean AU)
Pairings: Castiel/Dean, brief Meg/Castiel, mention of Dean/Aaron
Summary: Five times Dean caught a glimpse beneath Castiel's bad boy exterior and the one time Castiel laid himself bare.

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Title: The Bee's Knees - Part 4 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
Characters/Pairings: Cain/Castiel
Warning: ABO dynamics, Mpreg, FLUFF SO MUCH FLUFF. Embarrassing amounts.

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Title: Right Fit
Characters: Castiel, Balthazar, Anna, Dean
Pairings: Castiel/Balthazar, Anna/Dean
Summary: Balthazar is a personal stylist and Cas is the appallingly dressed CEO he's hired to makeover.

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Title: Into the Wind (MOV)
Warning: Team Member Death, grieving, language, violence, alcohol abuse, non-explicit sex
Characters & Pairings: Face/Murdock, Face, Hannibal, B.A., Murdock
Summary: The Team has learned to accept a lot of things while on the run but the sudden death of one of their own may be the hardest.
A/N: This is a story that I started in late 2012 and got 2/3 through before my muse went kaput. Today, 2 1/2 years later my muse decided that I needed to finish the final third.

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Title: The Bee's Knees - Part 3 (Part 1, Part 2)
Characters/Pairings: Cain/Castiel
Warning: ABO dynamics, Mpreg, very brief mention of option to terminate pregnancy.

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Title: Dog Days
Characters: Castiel, Sam, The Colonel
Pairings: Sam/Castiel
Summary: Castiel thought he'd had gotten used to being stared at. That was until Sam Winchester.
A/N: Mentions of epilepsy, some not cool reactions to someone having a severe seizure, people’s general shittiness toward different folks, anxiety, depression and past character death. (Yes, I’ve made The Colonel, Castiel’s seizure alert dog.)

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Title: You're everything a big bad wolf could want (Werewolf!Dean/Hunter!Castiel)
Characters: Castiel, Dean, Hannah mentioned
Pairings: Dean/Castiel
Summary: Even bad wolves can be good. Very good.
A/N: Despite how it looks at the beginning all proceedings are 100% consensual from both parties involved.
Dean’s not a human looking SPN werewolf, he’s more a werewolf like George on Being Human. The werewolf virus is only spread by a bite. Because, of course, I think about all this shit for a tiny little ficlet. The sex happens while Dean is in human form. (I know, I know, I’m totally boring.) There is the beginnings of wolfing out and a small mention of blood.
The title and Dean's first words to Castiel come from the Sam the Sham & the Pharoahs song Lil' Red Riding Hood.

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Title: Inescapable
Characters: Castiel, Balthazar, Meg, Abaddon
Pairings: Castiel/Balthazar, Meg/Castiel - romantic & friendship, with open relationship throughout.
Summary: Five times Castiel and Balthazar met then parted ways and the one time they stayed together.
A/N: Part of my (Tattoo U Verse) on Tumblr.

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Title: Tush
Characters: Dean, Cas, Charlie Bradbury, Sam Winchester, mentions of various other canon characters.
Pairing: Dean/Cas, past Dean/Aaron, various omc comments on Dean’s blog
Summary: The AU where Dean becomes a Tumblr panty model
Word Count: 5,209
Warning: Gross internet comments, use of a homophobic slur, masturbation, voyeurism, frottage, explicit talk of bottom!dean, SO MANY PANTIES!!!
A/N: This is the longest thing I've written in over 3 years. It's actually a FIC not a drabble or ficlet and I had the most fun, ever single minute. Hopefully this is good news for me actually getting my DCBB done this year as well. :D

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Title: Hello, Nurse (MOV)
Summary: Amy comes face to face with the team’s infamous nemesis, Colonel Roderick Decker.
A/N: This is the 5th part to the Amy/Charissa arc set in the Fu King 'Verse. Part 1, 2, 3 & 4
As always Noomi Rapace’s Lisbeth Salander is the face for 2010!Amy and Tony Todd is 2010!Decker.

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Title: Bake it, baby (The Bee's Knees Verse)
Characters/Pairing: Dean/Benny
Summary: Dean just wants pie, dammit.
Warning: ABO w/Alpha!Benny and very pregnant Omega!Dean. Discussion of injury but not a serious one.
A/N: Takes place between the second and soon to be third chapter of the main fic.

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Title: The Bee's Knees - Part 2 (Part 1)
Characters/Pairings: Cain/Castiel, background Dean/Benny, Hannah with mentions of Hannah/Kim
Warning: ABO dynamics, Omega!Castiel, Alpha!Cain, explicit sex (this chapter)

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