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Thought I'd make a little something to celebrate that after so friggin' long there's actually going to be more Slay-Team. A new chapter soon and the END of the fic not long after that.
It's been a hard couple years but I'm still so absolutely in love with this story.


Feb. 17th, 2013 06:47 am
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WTF is my life that it's almost 7 a.m., I haven't gone to sleep yet and I'm sitting here wrapped in freaking blankets in my cold assed house finishing up a biological imperative fueled Slay-Team smut fic?
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After missing last year's Werewolf Big Bang I actually got signed up this time.  I've already got two ideas. Either a Slay-Team continuation OR thanks to [ profile] umbrellas_can a Supernatural story. I'm so excited.

We'll see which one comes out. :)

Also OMG I am absolutely in LOVE with my Erica mix for [ profile] waywardmixes. I'm almost done. Can't wait to post it. :)


Oct. 8th, 2012 11:31 am
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Finishing up my rough draft for the Undead Big Bang. I freaking LOVE this thing but damn it's a ROUGH ROUGH draft. Good news is I've got the main important parts written out even if they're gonna need some real shine in the next couple weeks.
Is anyone on my FList possibly interested in beta reading it? My friend who usually reads my stories is away with family stuff and I don't want to bother her with it.
Right now it's at 5k but will probably end up closer to 7-8. PG-13/Light R rated, Amy Allen centric Slay-Team story, i.e. how Amy hooked up with the team. It's 80% Amy focused and 20% A-Team (Slay-Team). There's a monster, though nothing scarily graphic. There's only Face/Murdock in brief passing since the story's not focused on the inter dynamics of the Team. There is some F/F and lesbian discussions because my lesbian!Amy Allen headcanon is apparently just as strong as my gay!Murdock headcanon for all my 'Verses.
If you're not really that familiar with the A-Team it's cool, I pretty much just need someone to let me know when my shiat's confusing and just if the basic story is honestly any good.
So if anyone's interested throw me a msg and I'll love love love LOVE you forever. :* :* :*
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The Halloween fic is NOT going to make it for trick or treating. It's morphed into something completely different but I absolutely love it. Even if I'm only 2500 words in and it's crushing my very soul.


Also realized WTF was going on with the Slay-Team and even though I loved what was going on I still had grumbly feelings about it. I tried switching up the POV for the next chapter and it just DID NOT work. Sooooo back to basics and hopefully that will. Like [ profile] purrslink said, "If I switch it back and it STILL doesn't work, THEN there's a problem." *Fingers crossed*
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Man, I feel AMAZING. Work is so fun. I've already built two things this morning that'll look great in a portfolio.
Apparently, my poor brain was on strike because of boredom. This is only my second day at work and I've already got 1500 done on my [ profile] undeadbigbang story. It's an Amy Allen Slay-Team verse origin story. I still need to find a title. It won't be posted until sometime at the end of next month but hopefully I can get to the ending of the main Slay-Team story and some Outside Looking In while I wait. :)

In the meantime I TOTALLY have porn to post tonight. Hehehe my poor muse has been so sad lately and upon waking decided PORN, PORN is the answer. Hehehe I filled two of my bingo squares with it as well. Nice. I'm totally going for a blackout bingo.

My work is 2 miles away from my house, which will be nice when it gets cooler and I can walk. I drove home today, ate lunch and STILL have 30 minutes left. THIS. IS. AWESOME.


Sep. 10th, 2012 11:25 pm
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After last night's "I have no job!!!" I got two calls for interviews today. Here's hoping one of them pans out. :D

Also just realized... I have a rought draft of my [ profile] undeadbigbang due in a month. A FINISHED story rough draft. How many words of 5k have I written?? NONE...ZERO. At least I have a complete outline of what the story is. It's gonna be Amy Allen's Slay-Team story. Hopefully it'll work out because I love the idea. I even made up a monster. :D Maybe a job on the horizon will help soothe the writing waters.

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For a couple more days atleast. Then it's back to spottiness until Uverse come out on the 4th.

Sooooo a couple weeks ago on [ profile] ateam_inspire I asked for a drawing prompt of a scene from Leash Law because Tumblr has been full of leash, collar, puppy play fandom art lately and DAMMIT I wanted my own.
Enter [ profile] purrslink to the rescue!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYY! :* :* :* You are awesome and this is the unfness!

Didn’t anyone ever tell you it’s not nice to tease wild animals )
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Seriously Narrendor is the greatest human being on the planet. She took my few shitty lines of description and perfectly managed to capture wolfy!Murdock. He's gorgeous. I'm so absolutely in love. *cries*

WolfyMurdock )
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I'm really struggling on the Circus story and that's making me REALLY SAD. I have such awesome, amazing places I wanna take it but it doesn't want to go. On the other hand, I woke up outta dead sleep this morning and have written close to 1500 words of the Slay-Team. Yeah, so much that if I continued to write the rest of the day I'd be finished with the story tonight. *cries*

Also um... forewarned. This chapter got a little bit of RED on it. And by little a mean quite a bit. My bad. That's what happens when you've got a pissed off werewolf. I promise it's not that bad.
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Seriously I did NOT expect this damned story verse to take over my fan fiction LIFE when I saw the prompt on [ profile] ateam_prompts back in April. I feel kinda bad, like since then I've barely written any A-Team that's NOT The Slay-Team. And now it's gotten worse since I've just signed up for TWO Bangs with Slay-Team 'Verse stories. Whoops.

Zombie Bang is about to start up so if you have that zombie-style fic (and, come on, who doesn't?) sitting in the back of your mind just waiting to be written, then sign up! Perfect opportunity to also do some zombie inspired art too and with all of the movies these days featuring our lovely brain-eating corpses, there's more than enough caps out there to bring your art to life! Or death!

Wanna see Adam survive a zombie attack? Buffy fight the walking undead? Arthur stop the zombie apocalypse? Then sign up and set things right!

Sign-ups begin August 10th.

Got a desire to write some angsty fic? Do some angsty art? Make sure you head over to [ profile] angstbigbang and sign-up for round one! Sign-ups are OPEN.

I swear, right now I'm gonna go write some A-Team that doesn't have anything to do with monsters. >.< Hehehe


Jul. 18th, 2012 02:13 pm
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Just wanna apologize in advance for me spamming the HELL outta everyone's friends pages the next couple days here. I'm about to go on a possible hiatus and wanna get all my stuff that's sitting around on my desktop up and out before I leave. :* :* :*
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Oh my GOD it's like Christmas morning!! All the Sharlto Comic Con stuff is KILLLLLLLING ME!!
The freaking VILLAIN in Elysium, Angelina Jolie's love interest in Maleficent. My heart cannot take all of this at such an early hour.

But you know what? It's worked WONDERS for the Slay-Team since I had to straight up chuck ANOTHER 1600 words like I did last chapter. What the hell!? Oh well it's cracking now. :) :)


Jul. 12th, 2012 12:37 am
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I've watched this literally three times. The practical effects used during the werewolf transformations on BBC's Being Human are OUTSTANDING and damn, damn this chapter of The Slay-Team is reaping the rewards from it. xD
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Folks, I love the Slay-Team. FOR REALZ. This chapter will be up next weekend and it's actually gonna be long. I know where the stopping point is on this and yeah I'm just at the beginning of the chapter and it's already at 1400. WHOOPS.

I'm working on an Slay-Team mix for an AU challenge over at [ profile] waywardmixes that's due on June 20th. I'm hoping to have the story completed by then. Or at least close enough to finished because the mix is pretty spoilerific.

[ profile] ember_reads Girl! Your story for [ profile] smallfandomfest this poor thing has gone through nine BILLION changes since I got the prompt but it looks like it finally sussed itself out with a nice heaping of H/C for you. :) :)

Ok... so is everyone sitting down? The like 3 of y'all that read my journal? I have something to say so you might wanna take a seat AND get smelling salts because... yeah it's a doozy.

Over at [ profile] ateam_inspire there was a circus AU prompt where Face is like a trapeze artist and Hannibal is going undercover or something because there's drug smuggling or other nefarious dealings going on within the circus. I saw this and immediately thought of Murdock as a firebreather/eater and B.A. as one of those awesome motorcycle cage guys. The prompt was for H/F. And um...I'mfillingit. I'm going to write H/F. WTF!? I pull sole blame on Murdock and his sexy, crazy fire messing with. It's ALL on him.

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I'm 1500 words into this side Slay-Team story that was supposed to be angsty porn. SUPPOSED being the key word. Granted it's still porn but less angsty than I wanted. And well not really porny porn either.
Oh god, I'm just worried it's turning into a Magical Healing Cock story though my friend 'T' has assured me that is not the case. 'Cuz it's not about getting better but finding solid ground when things aren't the greatest.

I found this drawing by Solitarium on Tumblr that's come the closest to what I see in my head when I think of Slay-Team Murdock.


May. 31st, 2012 08:25 pm
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Anyone draw or know an awesome artist person who'd take pity and what tiny bit of money I could part with to draw me up a picture for the Slay-Team? There'd seriously be so much freaking love FOREVER!!!

:D :D :D :D I'm a nerd.
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Dude... up since 4... working on Slay-Team.

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After I watched the HORRIBLE ending of The Finder I was totally distraught about how I'd be able to write my A-Team/The Finder crossover for the [ profile] bromancestory Big Bang. Thankfully, I'm crazy and my timeline is super insane so I went back and found out that YES the story would fit perfectly into the Fu King Timeline. Also it gave me the greatest idea for a sequel to the unwritten story that fixes all the f'ery FOX did to the show in the last episode.

The crossover also changed the course of Game Got Switched. This poor story. I love it but it's absolutely NOTHING like it started out as. Between it going from three chapters to not even being close to the end at 5, the complete hijacking of it by Amy Allen (which I'm happy about) and now the total dismantle and dissolution of the ending I've had since December. I regret none of it though. :)

I gotta give big ups to [ profile] purrslink who again helped me work crap out in a story by being my KICK ASS A-Team springboard. Now I can honestly REALLY say that tonight I'll most likely have the latest chapter of the Slay-Team up.

And even though I called Chris Evans a life ruiner I think he might have helped get my MMOM writing back in gear after it was broken this weekend by the amazingness of that story I read.


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