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Title: The Bee's Knees - Part 4 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
Characters/Pairings: Cain/Castiel
Warning: ABO dynamics, Mpreg, FLUFF SO MUCH FLUFF. Embarrassing amounts.

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Title: Dog Days
Characters: Castiel, Sam, The Colonel
Pairings: Sam/Castiel
Summary: Castiel thought he'd had gotten used to being stared at. That was until Sam Winchester.
A/N: Mentions of epilepsy, some not cool reactions to someone having a severe seizure, people’s general shittiness toward different folks, anxiety, depression and past character death. (Yes, I’ve made The Colonel, Castiel’s seizure alert dog.)

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Title: Tush
Characters: Dean, Cas, Charlie Bradbury, Sam Winchester, mentions of various other canon characters.
Pairing: Dean/Cas, past Dean/Aaron, various omc comments on Dean’s blog
Summary: The AU where Dean becomes a Tumblr panty model
Word Count: 5,209
Warning: Gross internet comments, use of a homophobic slur, masturbation, voyeurism, frottage, explicit talk of bottom!dean, SO MANY PANTIES!!!
A/N: This is the longest thing I've written in over 3 years. It's actually a FIC not a drabble or ficlet and I had the most fun, ever single minute. Hopefully this is good news for me actually getting my DCBB done this year as well. :D

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Title: Na na na na na Batman
Characters: Castiel, Charlie Bradbury, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester
Pairings: Dean/Castiel
Summary: Strange things are afoot at the local Wal Mart.
Warning: Non-explicit Panties!Dean. That's about it.

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Title: I'll Be Right Here
Characters: Dean Winchester, Mary Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel
Pairings: Slight Dean/Cas, via pining!dean
Summary: The first time Dean saw E.T. it’d been on his fourth birthday.
Warning: None besides lots of painful baby!dean and Mary feels and S7-S8 levels of pining!dean.

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Title: Dean Winchester does not have a superhero boyfriend...
Characters: Dean/Castiel, Sam
Warning: None
A continuation of Larger Than Life.

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Title: Frozen soul, frozen down to the core
Character/Pairings: Team Free Will, Dean/Castiel
A/N: Written for a failed summer attempt at a 30-Day challenge. Woefully not S9 canon compliant.
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Title: It Goes Both Ways
Pairings/Characters: None. Benny and Sam with mentions of Dean and Castiel.
Warnings: Spoilers pertaining to Ep 8.19: Taxi Driver.
Summary: Trust has a way of showing up when you least expect it.
A/N: Deals with events of Ep 8.19: Taxi Driver but diverges from canon almost immediately.

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