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Fandom: Ginger Snaps
Subject: Brigitte/Ginger fanmix for Fest 12 at [ profile] smallfandomfest.
Title: In Our Blood
Rating: PG-13ish
Warnings/Notes: This is a Brigitte/Ginger mix which means there's incestuous aspects (though not explicit). MOVIE SPOILERS!!
Songs contain language and mentions of blood and death.


In Our Blood )
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A-Team Prompts is back in business, folks!! HUZZAH!

Oh how I’ve missed this place. Go! GO!!! Go prompt stuff. ANYTHING! It’s open for all, slash, gen, het, series, movie!

Have a bunny that you just can’t handle? Put it up and see if it’ll grow. Looking for something but have no clue? Go see if there’s a prompt that’ll tickle your fancy.

Our fandom is small but fun. Let’s keep it rolling! :D

COME ON FOLKS!!! I need some more F/M!! Because you know... I never have enough. :P

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How in the HELL does a muse go here check out this awesome beginning to the circus AU, 'Outside Looking In' then three days later let me know that SIKE it's actually shit and here's the real version?! Yeah. Yeah. I swear I won't cry.
Also there's a prompt over at [ profile] ateam_inspire that I want soooooooo bad as well.

Murdock is a cuddler and will give hugs at the drop of a hat when someone's having a bad day.
No preference on pairing as long as the story is Murdock centric.

I actually had an idea for something kinda sorta similar to this a TON of months ago but it's super angsty so I don't know if the OP would still want it. I've promised myself that I would write the story as soon as I wrote the part of 'Outside Looking In' to where I wanted to stop for the chapter. Hopefully it'll work out and I'll see if the OP is down with the angst because this story could be cool. Actually screw that. I'm writing it anyways, as a reward for finishing more 'OLI'.

I'm not doing this round for [ profile] waywardmixes. I thought the idea was fun but I'm OCD and even though it's just a mix I wanted the story around it to be perfect and I just didn't have enough time in the 20 days to get it done the way I wanted. Eh, maybe I'll revisit it in the future when I hopefully have more time.
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Folks, I love the Slay-Team. FOR REALZ. This chapter will be up next weekend and it's actually gonna be long. I know where the stopping point is on this and yeah I'm just at the beginning of the chapter and it's already at 1400. WHOOPS.

I'm working on an Slay-Team mix for an AU challenge over at [ profile] waywardmixes that's due on June 20th. I'm hoping to have the story completed by then. Or at least close enough to finished because the mix is pretty spoilerific.

[ profile] ember_reads Girl! Your story for [ profile] smallfandomfest this poor thing has gone through nine BILLION changes since I got the prompt but it looks like it finally sussed itself out with a nice heaping of H/C for you. :) :)

Ok... so is everyone sitting down? The like 3 of y'all that read my journal? I have something to say so you might wanna take a seat AND get smelling salts because... yeah it's a doozy.

Over at [ profile] ateam_inspire there was a circus AU prompt where Face is like a trapeze artist and Hannibal is going undercover or something because there's drug smuggling or other nefarious dealings going on within the circus. I saw this and immediately thought of Murdock as a firebreather/eater and B.A. as one of those awesome motorcycle cage guys. The prompt was for H/F. And um...I'mfillingit. I'm going to write H/F. WTF!? I pull sole blame on Murdock and his sexy, crazy fire messing with. It's ALL on him.

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Title: Love In the Time of the Aquamaniac (Mov)
Warning: Some making out and groping that's about it.
Summary: Fill for [ profile] hoodoo123's prompt over at [ profile] ateam_inspire: Murdock goes to a movie alone, but is ambushed by Face. Cue hot make-out session. Also for the [ profile] stories_a_z challenge.
A/N: I am so sorry for the crackiness that this turned into. The boys, they are insane, both of them.

Aquamaniac )
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GUYS!! GUYS!! GUYS!!!  A-TEAM WEREWOLVES PROMPT. [ profile] hoodoo123 was looking for an A-Team werewolf fic on the meme. I told my sister about it and her being the brilliant bouncy wall that she is gave me an AMAZING idea that really really wants to be written. I'm finishing up Chapter 5 of GGS then I'm TOTALLY frakking doing this!
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I'm fucking HEARTBROKEN. [ profile] ateam_prompts is closing. :( WHYYYYYYYYYYY!?!?! WHYYYYYYY!?!? I don't think I can go on!

And yes, I know EVERY WORD to the below songs. Kid of the 90s FTW!

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Title: Pookiebear Predicament (Movie)
Warning: Some language and sex talk
Summary: From this prompt over at [ profile] ateam_prompts

Murdock has a plushie or a teddy bear, that he carries around with him everywhere. It's a comfort thing - you can tell anything to it and sometimes you just need to hug something.
Great if the plushie/teddy bear was named something absolutely adorable such as Pookie or Dumdum.  I'd like to see how the team reacts to a grown man, one of their own, sleeping with a plushie when things get rough or he has a bad mental health period. Also how would one of them react to the toy if they were in a relationship and after le sexy time he would need his plushie to go asleep. Just fluff me!

Pookiebear Predicament )

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Title: Boys and Their Toys (Movie)
Pairing: Face/Murdock
Rating: G, for Gee, I'm such a freaking nerd. :P
Summary: Little bit of cutesy crackiness fo [ profile] sonora_coneja for being amused with my confession of making out with A-Team figures as a little 6 year old back in the long ago day and because of this picture Sharlto and Van.
For the February Challenge - No Angst Allowed! over at [ profile] ateam_prompts

Boys and Their Toys )
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Dammit! I posted a prompt over at [ profile] ateam_prompts and all it did was give me a freaking idea for my OWN story. But it's gonna be all angsty and dirty, nasty, anger sex filled. :) In other words: FUN FOR ALL!!!!

BTW, my new icon and that cocky look on his face kinda hurts... like A LOT and in a good way. Lol.
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Title: Ain’t That Something or Five times someone thought Face and Murdock were in love and the one time the absolute blind fools finally realized they were  (OS)
Warning: None
A fill for this prompt:
From [ profile] cpt_murdock They've been friends for so long, so many years that it's only natural they start becoming more and more at ease with each other. People start to talk though, saying how obvious it is that they're more than friends. But it's not quite so obvious to them! A song inspired prompt. So base it as loosely or as closely to Bonnie Raitt's "Something to Talk About" Over at [info]ateam_prompts

Ain't That Something )
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Title: Tie Me Up, Calm You Down (Movie)
Warning: None really, well ok a little tying up but nothing serious.
A fill for this prompt:
M/F with Murdock tying Face up however you want. Sex may or may not ensue but as long as by the end Murdock feels calmer, that's fine with me. Even Gen, where Face and Murdock aren't lovers and Murdock just leaves Face for Hannibal or BA to find. Over at [ profile] ateam_prompts

Tie Me Up, Calm You Down )

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Community prompt table for [ profile] 10iloveyou.

Surprise, surprise I'm using Face/Murdock. *SHOCK* *GASP* Hehehe

5.Fingers10.Your choice


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