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I've just seen the prelim sketch for my commission. I don't think I'll survive the end product. [ profile] purrslink you get the picture in my will. Though we know it'll kill you as well.


My [ profile] undeadbigbang post is going up in a bit. The art [ profile] glasslogic made for it is so damned awesome. Can't say so much for the story I gave her to work with. Ugh. You had ONE JOB Stiney.
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B.A./Murdock. I need some in mah life right nao. :D [ profile] dmitchell1985 you KNOW you wanna write it for me since I'm broken and can't write anymore. :* :* :* :*

Gimme )
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For a couple more days atleast. Then it's back to spottiness until Uverse come out on the 4th.

Sooooo a couple weeks ago on [ profile] ateam_inspire I asked for a drawing prompt of a scene from Leash Law because Tumblr has been full of leash, collar, puppy play fandom art lately and DAMMIT I wanted my own.
Enter [ profile] purrslink to the rescue!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYY! :* :* :* You are awesome and this is the unfness!

Didn’t anyone ever tell you it’s not nice to tease wild animals )
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Seriously Narrendor is the greatest human being on the planet. She took my few shitty lines of description and perfectly managed to capture wolfy!Murdock. He's gorgeous. I'm so absolutely in love. *cries*

WolfyMurdock )
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Narrendor over on Tumblr drew this gorgeousness for me and had me squealing like a tiny girl without ANY shame what so ever. :) :) :) :)

Boys in Lurve )
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Every time I get back on Tumblr there's MORE Sharlto. It really IS Christmas!!

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Gotta contain the hotness. )
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That is all. :)

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I'm having a poopy day so on with the F/M picspam of forced happiness. Then I'm making myself write a short drabble about man cuddling 'cuz like [ profile] ember_reads said "manly cuddling is always inspirational."

All the Pretty Boys are in Love with Each Other )
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I opened a Tumblr and I'm still not quite sure how it really works but Eh, totally down with finding pix. :D

Also this shiat is cracking me up SOOOOOOOOO damned hard:

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This is what happens when my sister and I hang out with access to Photoshop.
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My whole entire night. I was supposed to be writing. Instead all I've done is google 'Captain America Chris Evans ass' *no shame* and found the greatest freaking tumblr ever!

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OOOOOMMMMMMMMGGGGG my life will not be complete until I get a frakking print of this somehow!!!!!

I'm rocking the SHIAT outta the Slay-Team tonight for realz!! YAY!
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My sister just sent me this photo she found. What do I do except unf and die!?

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Face/Murdock are SOOOOOOOOO doing it right. LOL.

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I got my tax return today. E is buying a new laptop so I said I wanted something. She told me NO I can't have my Murdock jacket because I'm supposed to use it as a downline in my Pure Romance business goal so I said FINE and decided that THIS was happening to my car.
The guy was SUPER excited when I told him what I wanted. He said he's been wanting to do one. :) It's also way cheap. Like a 1/3 of what E's gonna spend on a computer. Yes, I AM one of those people. My sister was so pumped when I told her yesterday I was gonna do it. Hehehe


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