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Title: Slow Burn (Movie-verse Circus!AU)
Rating: R
Warning: Homophobic language, child abuse, mental health issues, violence and sex.

Slow Burn 2/2 )

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Title: Slow Burn (Movie-verse Circus!AU)
Rating: R
Pairing: Face/Murdock, but we go through Murdock/OMCs and mentions of Face/OFCs before we get there.
Word Count: 11,684
Summary: It took years of running before Murdock was finally able to find his way home.
Warning: Homophobic language, child abuse, mental health issues, violence and sex.
Author's Note: For [ profile] purrslink for the [ profile] a_tsecretsanta fic exchange.
Murdock's back story/Part one of the Outside Looking In 'Verse.
All circus lingo definitions are at the end of the story.

Slow Burn 1/2 )

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I am FULLY AWARE of it but

Anyways, I'm sure no one expected anything less from me. xD

lolbatty over on tumblr did her absolute AMAZING dknrfdnjfghj inducing best to further perpetuate my panty problem.


Also I love that my desktop picture of Murdock is now in a constant state him looking so distressed at the situations I keep getting people to draw him in. Hehehe

Pink it was love at first sight  )
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Seriously Narrendor is the greatest human being on the planet. She took my few shitty lines of description and perfectly managed to capture wolfy!Murdock. He's gorgeous. I'm so absolutely in love. *cries*

WolfyMurdock )
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Title: Game Got Switched 1-5/6 (Movie)
Summary: Big ol' job story that's got everything, explosions, escapes, poor hilarious sleep deprived Murdock and all the awesomeness that makes the A-Team kick ass. :)
Warnings: Character injury, Language, violence
Author's Note: Blatant use of some plot points from the show. Plus intro of movie!Amy.

Game Got Switched Ch. 1-5 )
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Title: Kicking Sawdust (Circus!AU -- Outside Looking In 'Verse)
Warning: None really. Brief mention of past F/M
Summary: Face's thoughts before the circus moves on to the next town.
Author's Note: My eternal :* :* :* to [ profile] purrslink for telling me when I need to get my shiat squared away and [ profile] ocean_blue15 for the absolutely AMAZING prompt over at [ profile] ateam_inspire.

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Jun. 5th, 2012 03:52 pm
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I'm working on a story for [ profile] hoodoo123 & [ profile] ember_reads story for [ profile] smallfandomfest and I've sat down and filled in tons of pre-A-Team, growing up crap about Face and Murdock. :D Makes my heart all squibbly. AND I'm a nerd. Hehehe

Plus I found this on Tumblr:

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It's The Merry Month of Masturbation over at [ profile] mmom. I, for one, am VERY excited and can't wait to participate. :D :D :D
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My sister just sent me this photo she found. What do I do except unf and die!?

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Title: You're My Number One
Warning: Cracktasticness ahead.
A/N: I was talking to my sister, Manda about how I was stressed out that I haven't written anything serious in about two weeks. She told me maybe I needed to try something new with the A-Team then she decided to prompt me to write a CRAZY ASSED hilarious story. I did. And this is that story.

You're My Number One )
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What was supposed to be just a couple PWPs has actually turned into a lot of my stories weaving together to an actual series for the movie. I'm putting all of them in timeline order in case someone's interested in my OCD. Lol :)

Fu King Timeline )


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