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The fact these two videos have the perfect running time for overlaying kinda makes me wanna fling myself into the sun. And by kinda I mean I'm gonna do it right now.

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If anyone over here follows me on Tumblr...I am so so very very sorry. I'm close to my post limit so I'm tapping out of the Mishapocalypse...unless Misha Tweets. Then all bets are off.
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Now I wish I had an actual place in town that had GOOD pie. :(
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We’re watching SPN and my partner who’s a Kindergarten teacher goes “OMG I saw this pie toy at work today. It TOTALLY woulda been Dean’s favorite toy in Kindergarten.

At which point I stared at her and burst out screeching.

She was like “What!? That's cute!”

NO IT'S NOT!! BECAUSE!! BECAUSE!! By the time Dean was in Kindergarten his mom was dead and his dad was dragging him and little Sammy all over the freaking country while he hunted.

At 6 Dean wasn’t playing with cute little pie toys. John was taking him shooting for the first time.



Feb. 17th, 2013 06:47 am
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WTF is my life that it's almost 7 a.m., I haven't gone to sleep yet and I'm sitting here wrapped in freaking blankets in my cold assed house finishing up a biological imperative fueled Slay-Team smut fic?
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Next week is sign ups for the [ profile] werewolfbigbang!! Can't wait. Doing a Slay-Team story, which means I REALLY should finish the first one, dammit.

Also gotta get my rough draft done for [ profile] smallfandombang. It's feeling like it might be easier than I thought since I seriously fell so hard in love with Slow Burn. Now my brain is all full of ideas for Outside Looking In. xD Eventually I want to do B.A.'s backstory. It's already got a freaking title: No Throttle. I'm such a nerd but I've had titles for both Slow Burn and B.A.'s story since the summer.

Finishing up an original story that I'm submitting to an anthology of dark fairy tales. *shock* It's got a werewolf angle.
I know it won't get picked up but ya gotta start somewhere. Can't have a first rejection if you don't ever start.

Hope everyone is well in this new year.
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Damn my muse seems to be slinking it's way back after fighting me tooth and nail and in some instances just flat out ignoring me the last couple months. Not gonna lie... panties. Lol. If I'd known, I woulda set a trap filled with Agent Provacateur sooner. I've got two more little things that I HAVE to get out and then I swear I'll put the panties away for awhile. Lol.

I'm home alone for the next week so my plan is to write ALL THE STORIES. Let's hope it works out. *fingers crossed*

I was at my sister's last night watching Supernatural and she came flying up to me in the kitchen as I was cooking and screeched, "PUT A PINK PANTY WARNING ON YOUR BLOG!!!"

That's what you get! Girl, quit Tumblr creeping me. Hehe
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I am FULLY AWARE of it but

Anyways, I'm sure no one expected anything less from me. xD

lolbatty over on tumblr did her absolute AMAZING dknrfdnjfghj inducing best to further perpetuate my panty problem.


Also I love that my desktop picture of Murdock is now in a constant state him looking so distressed at the situations I keep getting people to draw him in. Hehehe

Pink it was love at first sight  )


Nov. 10th, 2012 09:38 pm
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We need to discuss some things. Like how I'm all...

SERIOUSLY. IdentityPolution has killed me ONCE AGAIN with the amazingness.

Under the cut. It's a little risque and there may or may not be THERE TOTALLY IS pink panties. xD

Pink, it's my new obsession )

EDIT: LOL I love that I'm trying to take a picture of the drawing to send to my sister's phone and this happens. Poor Murdock looks SO scandalized:

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Trying to work out the issues with the POV for this part of the final chapter of the Slay-Team but my brain's just like "Nope." >.> It'd be easy if I just took it back to Face but I kinda wanna try this one out because I think it'll be awesome.
I was so full of fandom feels yesterday I was like "WRITE ALL THE STORIES" but today I'm just sorta meh. WTF Stiney? I think I'll go to bed early tonight then get up tomorrow and head somewhere NOT at the apartment to write. Maybe that'll get things going. I seem to be having good luck at Wendy's. Which really?
I've got two stories that are pretty much ready to go they just need to be typed up. One schmoopy thing that I shamefully based off one of the Imagine Your OTP posts and the other is *shock* more panty porn. Because that's apparently my THING now. Hehehe xD
Hoping my drawing gets here soon because guh, I TOTALLY need that pick me up. :D The sketch was amazing, can't wait to see the end result.
Ugh, bored. I'm going to lunch.
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Soooo I'm at work today and I hear my male coworkers start talking about the A-Team. Of course I slide over...

And join the conversation, whipping all their asses in A-Team knowledge. :D

Then I make them sad pandas by telling them there's no sequel. One of the dudes asks me about Amy Allen on the show and I started in telling them how they could have put Amy in the sequel using my 'Game Got Switched' story as an outline.

They were all...

And I proceeded to...

As the dudes at work approved of slash... well ok slash without the presence of dicks touching. LOL.

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I know most folks hate spoilers but I had to let y'all know how Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter ended.

>.< Hehehe I love my new Adobe Creative Cloud!!!


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