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So I recently when to JaxCon and OH MY GOD IT WAS GLORIOUS!!
I met sooooooo many AMAZING people and had so much fun.
And HOLY CRAP!! My pix turned out way way WAYYYYYYY better than when I went to DCCon in '14.

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When you and your partner sail the same 'Ship together.

This is TOTALLY two months late but I forgot I didn't put it up here, only on Tumblr.

Over Christmas E kept telling me she had be an awesome gift from Nerdache Cakes. And OF COURSE she was gone when it got here. But she still got to hear me screech over the phone about it.

Ant's work is absolute PERFECTION, like seriously. She's amazing.


And the card that came with it... OMG. HILARIOUS.


I give up.

Feb. 15th, 2013 10:37 pm
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I know some days you're the windshield and some days you're the bug. But goddamn. Every time I turned around today... *splat*

It's 10:30 on a Friday and I give no fucks about going to bed before 11.

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Next week is sign ups for the [ profile] werewolfbigbang!! Can't wait. Doing a Slay-Team story, which means I REALLY should finish the first one, dammit.

Also gotta get my rough draft done for [ profile] smallfandombang. It's feeling like it might be easier than I thought since I seriously fell so hard in love with Slow Burn. Now my brain is all full of ideas for Outside Looking In. xD Eventually I want to do B.A.'s backstory. It's already got a freaking title: No Throttle. I'm such a nerd but I've had titles for both Slow Burn and B.A.'s story since the summer.

Finishing up an original story that I'm submitting to an anthology of dark fairy tales. *shock* It's got a werewolf angle.
I know it won't get picked up but ya gotta start somewhere. Can't have a first rejection if you don't ever start.

Hope everyone is well in this new year.
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I'm still alive and hoping everyone had a good Christmas. Mine was...interesting. One of those dealing with a sibling's in-laws things.

Other than that I've honestly done close to zip. Struggled on my freaking Secret Not So Secret Santa story and generally laid around the house doing nothing. FAIL.

Hope everyone has a good New Year. Maybe I can get my act together enough to be around again before 2013 is here. :D
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I've been very ugh lately about interacting with anyone. THOUGH the upside is I've gotten almost 10k written between the last part of Into the Wind and my Secret Santa fic that's not so much secret but I know the giftee will like the story. Now hopefully this will carry through to my original story that's due for submission on Jan. 15. Though the minimum word count is only 3000 and with the way I've been rolling lately I think it'll be fine.
In other news I am NOT ready for Christmas... as it is every year. *groan*

Yeahhhh so that's what I'm doing. xD
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Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, for those who celebrate. Everyone else I hope you had a good Thursday. :D
My family ate out yesterday so there was no leftovers so I'm awake and not feeling like a disgusting slob this morning. Which is good considering my coworker is out so I'm doing both our jobs.

I swear one of these days I'll have the end of The Slay-Team up. >.> It's just being difficult and honestly I think part of it is me being worried that the ending's gonna suck ass. I will NEVER AGAIN post a story without it being completely done. This sucks.

I've got my Secret Santa story to work on then I need to start focusing on an original story that I'm submitting for Black Apples, an awesome gothic fairytales anthology. I'd love to get in, it's a really cool story idea but I there's no way it'd happen the first time out. Eh, it'll be fun either way. :D
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Dang, I feel so bad [ profile] dmitchell1985 has just been hanging out at my house all day with only my punk cats for entertainment while I have to work. I'm TOTALLY excited she's here though. My town's gonna throw us out!! Lol. :D

Gonna start on the final draft tomorrow for my undeadbigbang story that still doesn't have a title.
The three stories I *was* working on have decided to screech to a halt so I can apparently pick up this story for the Fu King timeline that I haven't worked on since May. Weird Fu King feels outta nowhere. Hopefully I can get SOMETHING out this damned month. I feel like nothing has been written because I haven't put anything online but this is pretty much my most active writing wise month since moving, it's just all on the big bang so it's gotta be finished before published. WOW what's that about? Lol.


Oct. 2nd, 2012 09:51 am
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Today was the first day I've woken up and be like HUZZAH FALL!!! Maybe it's because I was building banners for the [ profile] zombi_fic_ation October Amnesty round but YAY!! I'm feeling all spooky. :D And yes I TOTALLY Halloweened up the journal and I don't care how cheesy it is! I love Halloween. Also I think I might FINALLY be able to write this dang [ profile] undeadbigbang story. Apparently all I needed was a little holiday nudge. :D

*\o/* Supernatural starts tomorrow. Can't wait. Going over to my sister's for burgers, salad and PIE. :D :D :D

Also VERY happy that my friend's husband has a medical field background and he answered a question for the super secret story of PAIIIIIIN so I didn't have to look like a fool when I went trolling my detail search comms because my Google Fu is off. :D
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Man, I feel AMAZING. Work is so fun. I've already built two things this morning that'll look great in a portfolio.
Apparently, my poor brain was on strike because of boredom. This is only my second day at work and I've already got 1500 done on my [ profile] undeadbigbang story. It's an Amy Allen Slay-Team verse origin story. I still need to find a title. It won't be posted until sometime at the end of next month but hopefully I can get to the ending of the main Slay-Team story and some Outside Looking In while I wait. :)

In the meantime I TOTALLY have porn to post tonight. Hehehe my poor muse has been so sad lately and upon waking decided PORN, PORN is the answer. Hehehe I filled two of my bingo squares with it as well. Nice. I'm totally going for a blackout bingo.

My work is 2 miles away from my house, which will be nice when it gets cooler and I can walk. I drove home today, ate lunch and STILL have 30 minutes left. THIS. IS. AWESOME.
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HUZZAH!!! I got the job I wanted. :D :D :D  YAYYYYY!! I'm excited. I start Tuesday at 8 a.m. OMG I'm gonna stay up for ALL. THE. DAYS. Lol awwwwww goodbye unemployment I enjoyed the hell outta you. *tears*

Now I'm about to go ball it out big time and take a nap while waiting for my celebratory pork roast to cook. I'm living large folks!!!
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This past week has been a roller coaster of bizarre and amazing things and today was no different. I broke a board or rather had a breakthrough. A breakthrough of self-doubt that I'm not going to let keep me down anymore in ANY aspect of my life. It's the strangest and most amazing feeling I've ever had. I wish this for EVERYONE.



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