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Now I wish I had an actual place in town that had GOOD pie. :(
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We’re watching SPN and my partner who’s a Kindergarten teacher goes “OMG I saw this pie toy at work today. It TOTALLY woulda been Dean’s favorite toy in Kindergarten.

At which point I stared at her and burst out screeching.

She was like “What!? That's cute!”

NO IT'S NOT!! BECAUSE!! BECAUSE!! By the time Dean was in Kindergarten his mom was dead and his dad was dragging him and little Sammy all over the freaking country while he hunted.

At 6 Dean wasn’t playing with cute little pie toys. John was taking him shooting for the first time.



Feb. 17th, 2013 06:47 am
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WTF is my life that it's almost 7 a.m., I haven't gone to sleep yet and I'm sitting here wrapped in freaking blankets in my cold assed house finishing up a biological imperative fueled Slay-Team smut fic?
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<--------   That's 100%, absolutely me right now. Which is why I spent last night screencapping and making a TON of new icons AND making stupid art for my AU but not writing any of it. Which means I can't show anyone the pictures because I haven't WRITTEN the story. >.> I'm starting to rethink my "finish the story completely before posting" rule I *JUST* imposed on myself. Maybe journal only until it's finished THEN I'll put it up other places?
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Ever get the STRANGEST story idea just outta nowhere? I don't even know where this thing came from. It's A-Team but COMPLETELY AU. I don't even know... but I kinda want it. xD Like really bad. Lol.
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Ugh, so we're fully moved to our new place and my job search is on. What's not on is my muse. :( I don't freaking know. I've shorthand typed on the phone over 1k for Outside Looking In and 10 handwritten pages for The Slay-Team but then when I try to get it cleaned up and on the computer my brain just completely shuts down. I have no idea what's going on. I'm pretty sure the dank blarg of this apartment is NOT helping. Hopefully things pick up soon. :(
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Where these ideas came from. O.k. I lie, TWO of them I do but the stories produced are just...yeah. The other two are going to VERY interestingly fill out my Fu King 'Verse but they're honestly out of the blue. WTF? My muse goes on a three week vacation, sends in one story goes away again then BAM "Gonna write all the shiat."
This happened because I spent an hour in the car driving by myself. 16 hour trip to Ohio next week, I'm a bit frightened.

Also [ profile] waywardmixes #6 challenge theme is genderbend. I'm on that shiat like you wouldn't believe.

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I know most folks hate spoilers but I had to let y'all know how Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter ended.

>.< Hehehe I love my new Adobe Creative Cloud!!!


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