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After I watched the HORRIBLE ending of The Finder I was totally distraught about how I'd be able to write my A-Team/The Finder crossover for the [ profile] bromancestory Big Bang. Thankfully, I'm crazy and my timeline is super insane so I went back and found out that YES the story would fit perfectly into the Fu King Timeline. Also it gave me the greatest idea for a sequel to the unwritten story that fixes all the f'ery FOX did to the show in the last episode.

The crossover also changed the course of Game Got Switched. This poor story. I love it but it's absolutely NOTHING like it started out as. Between it going from three chapters to not even being close to the end at 5, the complete hijacking of it by Amy Allen (which I'm happy about) and now the total dismantle and dissolution of the ending I've had since December. I regret none of it though. :)

I gotta give big ups to [ profile] purrslink who again helped me work crap out in a story by being my KICK ASS A-Team springboard. Now I can honestly REALLY say that tonight I'll most likely have the latest chapter of the Slay-Team up.

And even though I called Chris Evans a life ruiner I think he might have helped get my MMOM writing back in gear after it was broken this weekend by the amazingness of that story I read.
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I'm having entirely WAYYYYYYY too much fun with this Slay-Team thing. :P Still trying to fix the Murdock & werewolf photo. Not working out so well. Stupid werewolves not being photogenic.

To be honest I'm having issues with the Slay-Team storyline and how much it pretty much kicks Murdock's ass. Like HARDCORE. :(
It makes me a sad panda and I'm so OCD I'm worried I'm not getting seriousshitishappen!Murdock right.

Which is WHY I'm finishing up Ch. 5 for GGS instead. I'm still happy about and can show the crackiness that goes with it.
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GUYS!! GUYS!! GUYS!!!  A-TEAM WEREWOLVES PROMPT. [ profile] hoodoo123 was looking for an A-Team werewolf fic on the meme. I told my sister about it and her being the brilliant bouncy wall that she is gave me an AMAZING idea that really really wants to be written. I'm finishing up Chapter 5 of GGS then I'm TOTALLY frakking doing this!
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I will most likely have Ch. 5 of Game Got Switched by later today. :D Though I should probably be ashamed at how crackheaded this chapter is. But come on... that's what Face gets for involving Murdock in a con. :D

I should also be ashamed that I sat here earlier figuring out who would play other characters in the story, like Maggie and such. Though, I still have no clue about Amy. I'm still too wrapped up in Noomi Rapace's Lisbeth Salander when I think about her.

PLUS I wanna get this done so I can show [ profile] purrslink the hilariousness that goes with it when she gets back from the air show... unless she runs off with a hottie in a uniform like she threatened, in which case, I'll fwd her the crackiness to her new residence. :P
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So me and my sister are talking about how I'm totally gonna win the Mega Millions lottery tonight. Then we started talking about how we'd be able to fund a sequel to the A-Team movie. We discussed how my hot assed version of Amy NEEDED to be in the second movie and we needed Decker. I found Decker and just talking about him totally got me writing more on GGS.

Colonel Roderick Decker:

Hell yes that's Tony Todd. Mother frakking Decker's the goddamn Candyman. How frakking scary!? Lol.
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I wasn't gonna say anything but the pic came out soooooooo nummy that I've got to let everyone know what's coming up in Ch. 5 of Game Got Switched. Unf. Yeah.

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No sleep BUT I wrote 1400 new words for Ch. 4 to the total of 1921. Plus I'm still writing for the Ch. 5. Hehe It's gonna be awesome. Face needs help scamming a jet for Guatemala... Murdock's help. O_o
Gonna let E read this whenever she gets up and then I'm gonna post it. YAY!! I'm so excited but kinda sad it took me two months to write another part.


Mar. 12th, 2012 04:28 am
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Mentioned something to [ profile] sonora_coneja about how I wanted to do another Amy/Charissa story and that's all it took to get the ideas flying in my brain. Also, since I'm heading to Vegas tomorrow and because HELLO how sexy would movie!Murdock as Bongo be? I think I'll be snatching some ideas from 'The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas' as a springboard. YAY Vegas!! YAY sexy assed movie!Murdock Bongo.YAY Amy & Charissa!!!! I swear this will be a femmeslash story. I just gotta have an Unf Bongo moment. Man, this is gonna kick so much ass! :D

BTDubs. My sister read Chasing El Diablo and is absolutely, positively in love with Amy. I'm so excited about how much she loved the story. :D Told her to hold on to her britches because Amy's A-team origin story is gonna be big a ole part of the rest of Game Got Switched.

Also, B.A. is still rocking out as my muse so I'm finally working on 'Forward March'. Maybe I'll have it done before too long.


Mar. 6th, 2012 01:10 am
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After my little hissy fit last night over issues, I posted the stories I could of mine on
While making sure they were cleaned up and what not I was like damn Game Got Switched is awesome! Then I proceeded to write 1000 of the next chapter. O_o Yeah. I did that. Gonna write a bit more then hopefully have it posted tomorrow. YAY!!!

BTDubs.... things that make me go unf. :P

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Seriously. I absolutely love that I write my best when I'm actually hunkered down over a notebook with a pen instead of the computer. Didn't even need Ludacris this time, just need to step away from the laptop. I think it's my ADD. I'm like, "YEAH! Let's write this mother fu.... OH LOOK LOLCATS!!!" Ahhh, attention span. what attention span. :)

Gonna let E read the part while I'm at school and will hopefully post it tonight. It's kind of a bridge part so nothing stupendous happens but Murdock is so worn out and fritzy cuckoo that I love it. :)

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I'm trying to finish up my Bachelor's degree. Yes, it's honestly taken me 13 years to get to the point where I have 10 classes left but that's how I roll, especially since most of that time was spent working WITHOUT a degree that everyone demands I have.
ANYWHO, I'm doing my research paper in my Business Law class on Fan Fiction vs. Copyright law. I'm super excited about it and it'll EASILY be the 5-7 page count needed. I just gotta pretend like I didn't just sit here and add another 1000 words to a freaking A-Team SLASH fiction story, while I'm going over my thesis in class tonight. Lol.
WHICH btw was seriously cracktastic but totally fits. I mean Murdock on a regular day can be wonky but Murdock after giving blood to B.A., having no sleep for 4583457498 years AND blowing shit up with an AT4... that's Rick James levels of crack. :) I love fan fiction.


Jan. 13th, 2012 01:56 am
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Yeah. Yeah that's me right now. That's me ALLLLLL DAY when I can't get their hot asses to roll around together for a bit, thus halting my story completely. WTF!?

Move Bitch

Jan. 11th, 2012 02:46 pm
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OOOOMMMMGGGG I just had the most EPIC and unexpected help on a fic issue when Ludacris popped up on Spotify.

I should ALSO be ashamed about what happened while I was writing while listening to the movie on the tv. I was all into the writing and not paying attention then I flipped to Hulu on my laptop and started watching 'Without Reservations' since it's not on Netflix.  It isn't until I'm halfway through with the ep and I hear movie!Face screaming about "What you got bitches, What you got!?"  that I realize I coulda messed up the space time continuum or something. BUUUUUUT...


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