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I'm trying to get that muse back folks. It's running around the outskirts of my vision all "Hehehe-ing and dropping little hints of stuff for 'The Slay-Team', 'Outside Looking In' and 'Game Got Switched'. Hopefully if I keep side-eyeing long enough I'll get it in my direct vision.

While I'm waiting I'm gonna make a nerdy 'Look what I can do' post to maybe tempt the sneaky bugger out further. Anyways, E bought the Adobe Cloud so I've been rocking it out on the Photoshop and made a bunch of stuff for 'Game Got Switched'. I think I wanna do the same for 'The Slay-Team' and 'Outside Looking In' as well.

Game Got Switched )
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Title: Game Got Switched 1-5/6 (Movie)
Summary: Big ol' job story that's got everything, explosions, escapes, poor hilarious sleep deprived Murdock and all the awesomeness that makes the A-Team kick ass. :)
Warnings: Character injury, Language, violence
Author's Note: Blatant use of some plot points from the show. Plus intro of movie!Amy.

Game Got Switched Ch. 1-5 )
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Title: Game Got Switched Ch. 5/? (MOVIE)
Warning: Language, English translation of French conversation in italics, Sex (if you wanna read it)
Summary: The team get ready for their mission in Guatemala.
A/N: There's a porny interlude to this chapter that you can read if you like by clicking on the hyper link in the story.  A Choose Your Own Porn Adventure if you will. Warning: It involves Priest!Face and sex because yes, unf, Priest kink FTW.
Also there's a little crackheaded surprise for everyone at the end of the chapter. :D

Game Got Switched Ch. 5/? )
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I LOVE LOVE LOVE [ profile] napalmedsteak.

She drew me this AMAZING picture for this scene in Ch. 3 of Game Got Switched:

Murdock was sitting on the bed next to B.A., double fisting spoonfuls of curry out of the big bowl between them, putting one in his mouth while zipping the other around towards a very irritated B.A. while making airplane noises.

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Title: Game Got Switched 4/? (MOVIE)
Warning: Language
Summary: The team takes a job that will bring big changes.

Game Got Switched 4/? )

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Title: Game Got Switched 3/? (MOVIE)
Warning: Language
Summary: Taking time to figure out what happened and where to go while a team member still heals.

Game Got Switched 3/? )

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Title:  Game Got Switched 2/? (MOVIE)
Warning: Language, character injury
Summary: After the gets away from Bakersfield they have to search out help for an injured team member.
Note:  I've taken stuff from the series and put it in the story. Why? Because it's fun. :)

Game Got Switched 2/? )

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Title: Game Got Switched 1/? (MOVIE)
Warning: Language, character injury
Summary: Someone from the Team's past tries to take them on.

Game Got Switched 1/? )


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