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Title: Hello, Nurse (MOV)
Summary: Amy comes face to face with the team’s infamous nemesis, Colonel Roderick Decker.
A/N: This is the 5th part to the Amy/Charissa arc set in the Fu King 'Verse. Part 1, 2, 3 & 4
As always Noomi Rapace’s Lisbeth Salander is the face for 2010!Amy and Tony Todd is 2010!Decker.

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Title: Scars of Malaika (MOV)
Warning: None
Notes: This is the 4th part to the Amy/Charissa arc set in the Fu King 'Verse. Part 1, 2 & 3
Malaika is Swahili for angel.

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Title: Die-Version (MOV)
Warning: Explicit, non-penetrative m/m sex
Summary: There's really only one thing to do after you've survived falling from the sky in a tank.
A/N: This was the first movie & Fu King 'Verse story I wrote last year. I took it down a few months later because it felt off. My brain's on strike when it comes to stuff it NEEDS to be writing but decided it was the PERFECT time to give this story a complete overhaul so it could retake its spot on the timeline.

Die-Version )

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Title: Simpatía por el Diablo (Sympathy for the Devil) (MOV)
Warning: Explicit F/F sex
Summary: Charissa Sosa can't always get what she wants, but Amy Allen will always give her what she needs.
A/N: The third Fu King Amy/Charissa story. Takes place after Chasing El Diablo and Fringe Benefits.
Happy Femslash February!! I'm exhausted as hell so please let me know if this thing's riddled with errors. :D

Simpatía por el Diablo )

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Fandom: A-Team (2010)
Subject: Amy Allen/Charissa Sosa fanmix for waywardmixes rare pairing round.
Title: Compromising Distraction
Warnings/Notes:  I absolutely love the A-Team movie. My only complaint is that it didn't make enough money so we'll never get a sequel and we'll never get an updated but still bad ass movie!Amy Allen except in fanfic. Which is still fun for me, especially when she's hooking up with Charissa. :P


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Title: Game Got Switched 1-5/6 (Movie)
Summary: Big ol' job story that's got everything, explosions, escapes, poor hilarious sleep deprived Murdock and all the awesomeness that makes the A-Team kick ass. :)
Warnings: Character injury, Language, violence
Author's Note: Blatant use of some plot points from the show. Plus intro of movie!Amy.

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Narrendor over on Tumblr drew this gorgeousness for me and had me squealing like a tiny girl without ANY shame what so ever. :) :) :) :)

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I did an Amy/Charissa fan mix for [ profile] fan_flashworks.


I ABSOLUTELY love the A-Team movie and the only complaint I still have is that it didn't make enough money so we'll never get a sequel and we'll never get an updated but still bad ass Amy Allen. I knew when I filled the AMAZING prompt over at [ profile] ateam_prompts that an updated Amy was gonna kick ass. What I didn't know was how much Amy was going to insert herself into my little piece of A-Team FF verse. But that's Amy Allen for you, just like in the series.

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Title: Rangers Don't Cuddle
Warning: Character injury, talk of violence and past injuries, language
A/N: For [ profile] ember_reads who was totally right about men cuddling being inspirational. Even if this turned out a lot more angsty than I first intended. >.< I think Face is gearing up for what's to come in The Slay-Team.
Part of the [ profile] stories_a_z challenge.

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE [ profile] napalmedsteak.

She drew me this AMAZING picture for this scene in Ch. 3 of Game Got Switched:

Murdock was sitting on the bed next to B.A., double fisting spoonfuls of curry out of the big bowl between them, putting one in his mouth while zipping the other around towards a very irritated B.A. while making airplane noises.

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Title: Forward March (Mov)

Warning: Language, angst, some
non-graphic sexual comments.
Author's Note:This story is a companion piece to About Face
. It deals with B.A.'s reaction after I Fu King Love You. But you don't have to read either to read this one. Also posting for my challenge over at [ profile] stories_a_z

Forward March )

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What was supposed to be just a couple PWPs has actually turned into a lot of my stories weaving together to an actual series for the movie. I'm putting all of them in timeline order in case someone's interested in my OCD. Lol :)

Fu King Timeline )
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Title: About Face (Movie)
Warning: Angst, that's about it.
Summary: Immediately after the movie. Face and Murdock have to finally talk to Hannibal regarding their relationship.

Note:  [info]purrslink an [info]cpt_murdock Please to take this as penance for the firey crash of the other story.

About Face )

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Title: Game Got Switched 1/? (MOVIE)
Warning: Language, character injury
Summary: Someone from the Team's past tries to take them on.

Game Got Switched 1/? )


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