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Because I freaking love Abaddon SO MUCH and want her to stick around on Supernatural and be awesomely evil FOREVER.

Queen of Hell FTW )

I am not prepared for the season finale. AT ALL. I will most likely NOT survive. TRU FAX.
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<--------   That's 100%, absolutely me right now. Which is why I spent last night screencapping and making a TON of new icons AND making stupid art for my AU but not writing any of it. Which means I can't show anyone the pictures because I haven't WRITTEN the story. >.> I'm starting to rethink my "finish the story completely before posting" rule I *JUST* imposed on myself. Maybe journal only until it's finished THEN I'll put it up other places?
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The last couple months I've gotten the chance to work with some great authors to make art for their Big Bang stories. Stories I never would have read since I'm so fandomly stunted, lol.
I made art for [ profile] shinysylver's Teen Wolf story, 'The More Things Change...' for the [ profile] zombiebang. I've never read any Teen Wolf fic before but it was awesome and now I gotta watch the show on Netflix. :)
Check out the art below and check out [ profile] shinysylver's story here.

The More Things Change... )
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Man, I've gotten some kick ass fusion stories lately.
First Supernatural/Vampire Hunter D and now The Avengers/Friday the 13th the Series.
I was absolutely OBSESSED with the show as a kid and totally excited to do art for [ profile] nessataleweaver's awesome story, Dark Heritage.

Dark Heritage )


Nov. 2nd, 2012 08:44 pm
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womenverse is a landcomm dedicated to the ladies of our favourite television series, movies, books, and comics. The wicked stepmothers! The damsels in distress! The rebellious princesses! The femme fatales! The good, the badass, and the too cute for words. Here, women equal all folk who identify as girls or ladies or women, including trans*women (Chandler's mom!). Three teams -- Stilettos, Combat Boots, and Flip-Flops -- battle for the throne of womenverse Queen by participating in challenges that revolve around graphic making, fic writing, puzzle solving, vidding, etc. Please don't worry if you're not yet a writing/graphic/puzzle-solving pro. It's all about having fun and trying new things, and there will be lots of ways to earn points that don't necessarily require you have lots of skill!
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I was SUPER EXCITED to get the artwork claim for [ profile] twisted_slinky's On a Horse With No Name, (A Supernatural/Vampire Hunter D fusion/re-imagining) in the [ profile] undeadbigbang. Because seriously!? There's nothing cooler than SPN & VHD... except putting them together! Go read the story, here.

On a Horse With No Name )
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[ profile] dmitchell1985 will be here on Tuesday! WOOT!! Before she gets here I have 3 half done pieces of porn to finish. Lol. My poor brain got so beat down with plot last week with my undead big bang that it was like NOOOOOOPE we're writing all the porn now. Hehehe Hopefully I'll get them done because I need some good ol' porn before I batten down the hatches for the 9084589568756 things I have coming up. I think I may have let fandom get a weeeeee bit outta control this month. >.< WHOOPS.
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I'm down to the wire here *shock* but the Undead Big Bang that I'm participating in is still looking for artists.
Sign ups end on Tuesday, Oct. 9. Claims open on Wednesday, Oct. 10.

If anyone's interested this banner goes directly to artist sign ups! :D

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Calling all artists!


It's my FAVORITE month of the year!!! All the ghosts and ghouls and spooky stuff to scare the crap out of you!!

[ profile] zombi_fic_ation's Zombie Fest is looking for all types of art - digital, sketching, watercolors, vidding, you name it! If you're interested in making some artwork for Zombie Fest, drop them a comment. If you know someone who might be interested, please send them over.

Can't contribute as an artist but wanna play with the zombies? You're in luck!
It's still Amnesty time, and there are still tons of prompts left to be filled:

Fandoms: A - D
Fandoms: E - H
Fandoms: I - R
Fandoms: S - Z



Sep. 25th, 2012 03:08 pm
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Woot!! My Amy/Charissa fanmix is ON for the rare pairing round over at [ profile] waywardmixes.

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I'm trying to get that muse back folks. It's running around the outskirts of my vision all "Hehehe-ing and dropping little hints of stuff for 'The Slay-Team', 'Outside Looking In' and 'Game Got Switched'. Hopefully if I keep side-eyeing long enough I'll get it in my direct vision.

While I'm waiting I'm gonna make a nerdy 'Look what I can do' post to maybe tempt the sneaky bugger out further. Anyways, E bought the Adobe Cloud so I've been rocking it out on the Photoshop and made a bunch of stuff for 'Game Got Switched'. I think I wanna do the same for 'The Slay-Team' and 'Outside Looking In' as well.

Game Got Switched )
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Where these ideas came from. O.k. I lie, TWO of them I do but the stories produced are just...yeah. The other two are going to VERY interestingly fill out my Fu King 'Verse but they're honestly out of the blue. WTF? My muse goes on a three week vacation, sends in one story goes away again then BAM "Gonna write all the shiat."
This happened because I spent an hour in the car driving by myself. 16 hour trip to Ohio next week, I'm a bit frightened.

Also [ profile] waywardmixes #6 challenge theme is genderbend. I'm on that shiat like you wouldn't believe.

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Folks, I love the Slay-Team. FOR REALZ. This chapter will be up next weekend and it's actually gonna be long. I know where the stopping point is on this and yeah I'm just at the beginning of the chapter and it's already at 1400. WHOOPS.

I'm working on an Slay-Team mix for an AU challenge over at [ profile] waywardmixes that's due on June 20th. I'm hoping to have the story completed by then. Or at least close enough to finished because the mix is pretty spoilerific.

[ profile] ember_reads Girl! Your story for [ profile] smallfandomfest this poor thing has gone through nine BILLION changes since I got the prompt but it looks like it finally sussed itself out with a nice heaping of H/C for you. :) :)

Ok... so is everyone sitting down? The like 3 of y'all that read my journal? I have something to say so you might wanna take a seat AND get smelling salts because... yeah it's a doozy.

Over at [ profile] ateam_inspire there was a circus AU prompt where Face is like a trapeze artist and Hannibal is going undercover or something because there's drug smuggling or other nefarious dealings going on within the circus. I saw this and immediately thought of Murdock as a firebreather/eater and B.A. as one of those awesome motorcycle cage guys. The prompt was for H/F. And um...I'mfillingit. I'm going to write H/F. WTF!? I pull sole blame on Murdock and his sexy, crazy fire messing with. It's ALL on him.

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I did an Amy/Charissa fan mix for [ profile] fan_flashworks.


I ABSOLUTELY love the A-Team movie and the only complaint I still have is that it didn't make enough money so we'll never get a sequel and we'll never get an updated but still bad ass Amy Allen. I knew when I filled the AMAZING prompt over at [ profile] ateam_prompts that an updated Amy was gonna kick ass. What I didn't know was how much Amy was going to insert herself into my little piece of A-Team FF verse. But that's Amy Allen for you, just like in the series.

Malaika's Scars )
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Doing challenges over at [ profile] fan_flashworks. Screw the boys, they're gonna be all about the girls! :D

Apparently, my inner/slowly becoming WAY outer angst monger isn't gonna let these two get away unscathed either.
[ profile] purrslink I wholeheartedly, 100% blame you for this angst MONSTER you've created... THANK YOU. :P

Someone don't know what I'm talking about? Check these out till I can get more up later. :)

Chasing El Diablo -- Fu King Timeline

Fringe Benefits -- Fu King Timeline

Pardon Me -- Non-Fu King

And now for something completely different... or not. :P

Amy/Charissa fanmix -- Malaika's Scars
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All my Teen Wolf fics and other fanworks.

Luminesce -- Life's snapshots held close. For the photograph prompt at [ profile] fullmoon_ficlet. Warning: Character death, mentions of violence and blood, language, spoilers and rampant S3 headcanon speculation. Boyd/Erica

This Lonely View -- It's hard to forget scars when they go so deep. For the scars prompt at [ profile] fullmoon_ficlet. Warning: Mentions of injuries and blood, an ableist slur. Erica

Blonde Rebellion -- Erica Reyes fanmix for waywardmixes mythology round. Warning: Season Two spoilers


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