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Just Mesmall

"Nobody told you. Nobody explained. You’re just shoved out, kicking and screaming into this human life, without any idea why any of it feels the way it feels, or why this confusion, which feels like it’s a hair’s breadth from terror or pain. You know, just when you think you do understand, it’ll turn out you’re wrong."

You didn’t understand anything at all. )
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The essential mix for when you’re Garthing ghosts and other supernatural baddies.

You've been Garthed... )

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Fandom: Supernatural
Subject: End!Verse Dean/Castiel fanmix for waywardmixes OTP round.
Title: Tear it all Down
Rating: R
Warnings/Notes: Of course I can't do a mix with regular Dean/Castiel. No, I've got to run with all my End!Verse head canon and ramp the angst up to a thousand. I'm sorry.
Spoilers for S4.01 - S5.04. Songs contain language. Head canon sprinkled throughout has mentions of mutual intimate partner violence, sexual content and drug and alcohol abuse.
Green quotes are mine from We don't get to be... All others come from Supernatural episode S5:04,The End.

This is what happens to the world if you continue to say no to Michael. )
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Fandom: Ginger Snaps
Subject: Brigitte/Ginger fanmix for Fest 12 at [ profile] smallfandomfest.
Title: In Our Blood
Rating: PG-13ish
Warnings/Notes: This is a Brigitte/Ginger mix which means there's incestuous aspects (though not explicit). MOVIE SPOILERS!!
Songs contain language and mentions of blood and death.


In Our Blood )
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Fandom: Teen Wolf
Subject: Erica Reyes fanmix for waywardmixes mythology round.
Title: Blonde Rebellion
Rating: GEN
Warnings/Notes: Season Two spoilers. That's about it. Except possible slipping hazards due to all the tears I've been shedding with the news that Gage Golightly won't be coming back for Season 3. *cries* Also for [ profile] homebrewbingo and [ profile] 100_women. On AO3 and Tumblr.


Blonde Rebellion )
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My gift for Gufetta for [ profile] guidedaxe's Abery 100 celebration exchange. Gufy wanted creepy!Henry and I hope I captured that with this mix. :D

Dark Secret Love )
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Fandom: A-Team (2010)
Subject: Amy Allen/Charissa Sosa fanmix for waywardmixes rare pairing round.
Title: Compromising Distraction
Warnings/Notes:  I absolutely love the A-Team movie. My only complaint is that it didn't make enough money so we'll never get a sequel and we'll never get an updated but still bad ass movie!Amy Allen except in fanfic. Which is still fun for me, especially when she's hooking up with Charissa. :P


Compromising Distraction )
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Fandom: The Slay-Team (A-Team 2010 AU) fanmix for [ profile] waywardmixes
Title: Transmography
Warnings/Notes: There's some vague spoilers in the mix and the included elements.
[ profile] purrslink Thank you HUGELY for helping make this awesome! You're the wind beneath my slashy wings!!


Transmography -- The Slay-Team Mix )
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I did an Amy/Charissa fan mix for [ profile] fan_flashworks.


I ABSOLUTELY love the A-Team movie and the only complaint I still have is that it didn't make enough money so we'll never get a sequel and we'll never get an updated but still bad ass Amy Allen. I knew when I filled the AMAZING prompt over at [ profile] ateam_prompts that an updated Amy was gonna kick ass. What I didn't know was how much Amy was going to insert herself into my little piece of A-Team FF verse. But that's Amy Allen for you, just like in the series.

Malaika's Scars )


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