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When you and your partner sail the same 'Ship together.

This is TOTALLY two months late but I forgot I didn't put it up here, only on Tumblr.

Over Christmas E kept telling me she had be an awesome gift from Nerdache Cakes. And OF COURSE she was gone when it got here. But she still got to hear me screech over the phone about it.

Ant's work is absolute PERFECTION, like seriously. She's amazing.


And the card that came with it... OMG. HILARIOUS.

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I love love love lolbatty with all of my heart and soul. This picture of Fire-Breather!Murdock from Slow Burn is the greatest thing on the entire planet...TRUTH!
Commissions are now open and you should TOTALLY get something. :D

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I am FULLY AWARE of it but

Anyways, I'm sure no one expected anything less from me. xD

lolbatty over on tumblr did her absolute AMAZING dknrfdnjfghj inducing best to further perpetuate my panty problem.


Also I love that my desktop picture of Murdock is now in a constant state him looking so distressed at the situations I keep getting people to draw him in. Hehehe

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Nov. 10th, 2012 09:38 pm
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We need to discuss some things. Like how I'm all...

SERIOUSLY. IdentityPolution has killed me ONCE AGAIN with the amazingness.

Under the cut. It's a little risque and there may or may not be THERE TOTALLY IS pink panties. xD

Pink, it's my new obsession )

EDIT: LOL I love that I'm trying to take a picture of the drawing to send to my sister's phone and this happens. Poor Murdock looks SO scandalized:

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I've just seen the prelim sketch for my commission. I don't think I'll survive the end product. [ profile] purrslink you get the picture in my will. Though we know it'll kill you as well.


My [ profile] undeadbigbang post is going up in a bit. The art [ profile] glasslogic made for it is so damned awesome. Can't say so much for the story I gave her to work with. Ugh. You had ONE JOB Stiney.
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So last week I asked for some tweaks to my art commission before the artist got to work and now I think I've made the waiting time even worse, because just thinking about it now is just UNF. GUHHHHHHHH it's gonna kill me when I actually see it for the first time. >.< For realz.

Also holy shit. How do people do Big Bangs all the time!? The undeadbigbang is only 5k minimum and it's gonna put a crater in my ass before posting at the end of the month. I love it, absolutely and wholeheartedly but I am totally not equipt to put this much thought into my stories. Maybe I am destined just to write porn. Hehehe
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OMG waiting for a art commission is like waiting to leave your room so you can open presents on Christmas morning when you're a kid...except with more possibility of gay porn. >.< Hehe

I know the artist is super busy but I'm DYYYYYYYYYYING with An-ti-ci-pation. :P



Aug. 28th, 2012 02:03 pm
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IdentityPollution's drawing for me. Unf. It's good. :D :D :D

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Title: Change of Plans (Movie)
Warning: Language, violence
Summary: Hannibal's plans never quite go the way they should.
Author's Note: Please excuse any stupidity or errors in this story as I'm running on NO SLEEP and didn't have anyone look at it after I wrote it at 7 this morning. Hehehe Whoops. For my Wild Card (Rescue) square on my [ profile] homebrewbingo bingo card.

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For a couple more days atleast. Then it's back to spottiness until Uverse come out on the 4th.

Sooooo a couple weeks ago on [ profile] ateam_inspire I asked for a drawing prompt of a scene from Leash Law because Tumblr has been full of leash, collar, puppy play fandom art lately and DAMMIT I wanted my own.
Enter [ profile] purrslink to the rescue!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYY! :* :* :* You are awesome and this is the unfness!

Didn’t anyone ever tell you it’s not nice to tease wild animals )
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Seriously Narrendor is the greatest human being on the planet. She took my few shitty lines of description and perfectly managed to capture wolfy!Murdock. He's gorgeous. I'm so absolutely in love. *cries*

WolfyMurdock )
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Narrendor over on Tumblr drew this gorgeousness for me and had me squealing like a tiny girl without ANY shame what so ever. :) :) :) :)

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