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by salesassociatesteve & illustrated by deanneedsyou

Dean Winchester has come in contact with many things during his life as a hunter. Ghost hauntings and wendigo killings, dragon kidnappings and fairy encounters. But what he never expected to deal with was alien abductions. Especially his own.

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My fic was picked by an artist!!! Can't wait till we're allowed to start conversing. :D :D :D
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And I'm actually gonna finish this friggin' year!
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About that Season Finale. JFC.

Though I do have one thing to say. It most DEF blasted through my months long writer's block. I've got my [ profile] deancasbigbang completely plotted out PLUS like 48958958 other ideas that want to all be written at once.
And with some tweaking I can actually continue with my Hunter Plaid 'Verse of stories. WHICH I'm def happy about since I've got like freaking 6k worth of stories on my laptop that just need some readjusting. YES don't judge my OCD. It's bad. I know this. BUT now I've got 5-6 months to write as much as I can before S9 starts lol.

GUH I miss writing SOOOOOOOO bad. Hopefully I'll have stuff up soon.
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After missing last year's Werewolf Big Bang I actually got signed up this time.  I've already got two ideas. Either a Slay-Team continuation OR thanks to [ profile] umbrellas_can a Supernatural story. I'm so excited.

We'll see which one comes out. :)

Also OMG I am absolutely in LOVE with my Erica mix for [ profile] waywardmixes. I'm almost done. Can't wait to post it. :)
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Hey guys [ profile] smallfandombang is in need of artist for this round!! Here's the list of fandoms being written for. As of right now there's 16 artists to 71 authors. So if you wanna art it up for some awesome Big Bang stories or know someone that does, go sign up!!! It's gonna be fun. :D


A 10,000-word big bang for small fandoms!

FAQ | Rules | Artists | Beta/Cheerleader | Affiliate
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once upon a time usually ends with happily ever after. and, well – once upon a time there was a hunter and his angel.
❤ ❤ ❤

deancas happy endings is a fanfic and art challenge. the goal is to drown ourselves in as much rom-com or feel good as possible. we want grand love stories that end with kisses in the rain. we want movie-based aus (whether it's "we'll always have paris" or "i can fit my whole fist in my mouth", that's up to you!). we want stargazing and scruff. we want nightingales and nakedness. we want angst that ends with happy endings, because let's be real – our boys deserve it.

Yep... I did and I REGRET NOTHING. xD

What? I actually have an idea and it's not until next year. >.>

Don't judge me...

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The last couple months I've gotten the chance to work with some great authors to make art for their Big Bang stories. Stories I never would have read since I'm so fandomly stunted, lol.
I made art for [ profile] shinysylver's Teen Wolf story, 'The More Things Change...' for the [ profile] zombiebang. I've never read any Teen Wolf fic before but it was awesome and now I gotta watch the show on Netflix. :)
Check out the art below and check out [ profile] shinysylver's story here.

The More Things Change... )
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A 10,000-word big bang for small fandoms!

FAQ | Rules | Artists | Authors | Beta/Cheerleader | Affiliate

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Man, I've gotten some kick ass fusion stories lately.
First Supernatural/Vampire Hunter D and now The Avengers/Friday the 13th the Series.
I was absolutely OBSESSED with the show as a kid and totally excited to do art for [ profile] nessataleweaver's awesome story, Dark Heritage.

Dark Heritage )
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I had it all planned out that I was gonna write a Slay-Team origins story for the [ profile] smallfandombang.
Yeahhhhhh, apparently my muse has decided otherwise. After months of not writing on it and being stalled pretty much after the little vignette prequel, Kicking Sawdust I'm FINALLY gonna write the circus AU, Outside Looking In for the bang. I'm really excited and actually worked on it last night for the first time in forever. I'm also gonna try and get the B.A. and Murdock backstory companion stories done as well. Hopefully my muse is in a writing mood again. :D

I'm also in need of a beta reader for my A-Team Slash Secret Santa story. I'm looking for someone that's not signed up who can tear this thing apart so it comes out awesome for the exchange.
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I was SUPER EXCITED to get the artwork claim for [ profile] twisted_slinky's On a Horse With No Name, (A Supernatural/Vampire Hunter D fusion/re-imagining) in the [ profile] undeadbigbang. Because seriously!? There's nothing cooler than SPN & VHD... except putting them together! Go read the story, here.

On a Horse With No Name )
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So last week I asked for some tweaks to my art commission before the artist got to work and now I think I've made the waiting time even worse, because just thinking about it now is just UNF. GUHHHHHHHH it's gonna kill me when I actually see it for the first time. >.< For realz.

Also holy shit. How do people do Big Bangs all the time!? The undeadbigbang is only 5k minimum and it's gonna put a crater in my ass before posting at the end of the month. I love it, absolutely and wholeheartedly but I am totally not equipt to put this much thought into my stories. Maybe I am destined just to write porn. Hehehe


Oct. 8th, 2012 11:31 am
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Finishing up my rough draft for the Undead Big Bang. I freaking LOVE this thing but damn it's a ROUGH ROUGH draft. Good news is I've got the main important parts written out even if they're gonna need some real shine in the next couple weeks.
Is anyone on my FList possibly interested in beta reading it? My friend who usually reads my stories is away with family stuff and I don't want to bother her with it.
Right now it's at 5k but will probably end up closer to 7-8. PG-13/Light R rated, Amy Allen centric Slay-Team story, i.e. how Amy hooked up with the team. It's 80% Amy focused and 20% A-Team (Slay-Team). There's a monster, though nothing scarily graphic. There's only Face/Murdock in brief passing since the story's not focused on the inter dynamics of the Team. There is some F/F and lesbian discussions because my lesbian!Amy Allen headcanon is apparently just as strong as my gay!Murdock headcanon for all my 'Verses.
If you're not really that familiar with the A-Team it's cool, I pretty much just need someone to let me know when my shiat's confusing and just if the basic story is honestly any good.
So if anyone's interested throw me a msg and I'll love love love LOVE you forever. :* :* :*


Oct. 3rd, 2012 11:05 am
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My Undead Big Bang complete rough draft is due in 5 days. Yep. None of it's done. What is done? Or well ALMOST done?
More panty porn.

This is all [ profile] purrslink and our pervy hive minds fault. And by fault I mean...

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Man, I feel AMAZING. Work is so fun. I've already built two things this morning that'll look great in a portfolio.
Apparently, my poor brain was on strike because of boredom. This is only my second day at work and I've already got 1500 done on my [ profile] undeadbigbang story. It's an Amy Allen Slay-Team verse origin story. I still need to find a title. It won't be posted until sometime at the end of next month but hopefully I can get to the ending of the main Slay-Team story and some Outside Looking In while I wait. :)

In the meantime I TOTALLY have porn to post tonight. Hehehe my poor muse has been so sad lately and upon waking decided PORN, PORN is the answer. Hehehe I filled two of my bingo squares with it as well. Nice. I'm totally going for a blackout bingo.

My work is 2 miles away from my house, which will be nice when it gets cooler and I can walk. I drove home today, ate lunch and STILL have 30 minutes left. THIS. IS. AWESOME.


Sep. 10th, 2012 11:25 pm
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After last night's "I have no job!!!" I got two calls for interviews today. Here's hoping one of them pans out. :D

Also just realized... I have a rought draft of my [ profile] undeadbigbang due in a month. A FINISHED story rough draft. How many words of 5k have I written?? NONE...ZERO. At least I have a complete outline of what the story is. It's gonna be Amy Allen's Slay-Team story. Hopefully it'll work out because I love the idea. I even made up a monster. :D Maybe a job on the horizon will help soothe the writing waters.

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Seriously I did NOT expect this damned story verse to take over my fan fiction LIFE when I saw the prompt on [ profile] ateam_prompts back in April. I feel kinda bad, like since then I've barely written any A-Team that's NOT The Slay-Team. And now it's gotten worse since I've just signed up for TWO Bangs with Slay-Team 'Verse stories. Whoops.

Zombie Bang is about to start up so if you have that zombie-style fic (and, come on, who doesn't?) sitting in the back of your mind just waiting to be written, then sign up! Perfect opportunity to also do some zombie inspired art too and with all of the movies these days featuring our lovely brain-eating corpses, there's more than enough caps out there to bring your art to life! Or death!

Wanna see Adam survive a zombie attack? Buffy fight the walking undead? Arthur stop the zombie apocalypse? Then sign up and set things right!

Sign-ups begin August 10th.

Got a desire to write some angsty fic? Do some angsty art? Make sure you head over to [ profile] angstbigbang and sign-up for round one! Sign-ups are OPEN.

I swear, right now I'm gonna go write some A-Team that doesn't have anything to do with monsters. >.< Hehehe


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