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Title: Where You Hide (MOV)
Warning: Hurt/Comfort, Angst. A more realistic look at Murdock’s mental instability. Dissociation, mental break with reality, discussion of past mental institutionalization and treatments.
Pairing: Face/Murdock
Summary: Face needs to stop for a minute after they break Murdock out of the hospital to pull the pilot back with him.
A/N: Title & theme based on James Bay’s amazing song, Hold Back the River that gives me all of the Face/Murdock post-Germany breakout reunion feels.

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Title: The Slay-Team 6/? (Movie AU) (Ch. 1-5)
Warning Overall: Alternate Universe A-Team, Violence, Gore, Language, Monsters all over the damned place

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Title: Into the Wind (MOV)
Warning: Team Member Death, grieving, language, violence, alcohol abuse, non-explicit sex
Characters & Pairings: Face/Murdock, Face, Hannibal, B.A., Murdock
Summary: The Team has learned to accept a lot of things while on the run but the sudden death of one of their own may be the hardest.
A/N: This is a story that I started in late 2012 and got 2/3 through before my muse went kaput. Today, 2 1/2 years later my muse decided that I needed to finish the final third.

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Title: Hello, Nurse (MOV)
Summary: Amy comes face to face with the team’s infamous nemesis, Colonel Roderick Decker.
A/N: This is the 5th part to the Amy/Charissa arc set in the Fu King 'Verse. Part 1, 2, 3 & 4
As always Noomi Rapace’s Lisbeth Salander is the face for 2010!Amy and Tony Todd is 2010!Decker.

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Title: Scars of Malaika (MOV)
Warning: None
Notes: This is the 4th part to the Amy/Charissa arc set in the Fu King 'Verse. Part 1, 2 & 3
Malaika is Swahili for angel.

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Title: Grasp (MOV)
Warning: none
Pairing: Face/Murdock
Summary: There's so many things to appreciate about Face but Murdock loves his hands most of all.
A/N: A quick little ficlet written for thaliamousa over on Tumblr.

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Title: The Slay-Team UPDATED CHAPTERS 1-5 (Movie AU)
Warnings: Graphic character injury, non-graphic sex (Face/Murdock), werewolf transformations, violence, blood, monsters all over the damned place.
Word Count: 7,578 (Ch.1-5)
Author's Note: I've updated the existing 5 chapters while finishing up the last three as I type. *GASP* It only took a damned year. I'm so very sorry.


In 2010, a Supernatural Special Ops unit committed a crime, defying the government on supernatural matters.
They promptly escaped and today still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune.
If you have a monster problem...if no one else can help...and if you can find them...maybe you can hire...

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Thank you thank you THANK YOU! I'm so happy that you've chosen me to write for. Excuse me in the meantime. For someone that spends an insane amount of time writing, I can never express my excitement in a way that doesn't end up being Pterodactyl screeches or seal noises. Though I may not be coherent I am beyond honored and pleased that you've found something we have in common and are taking time out of your day to make something for me. I can't wait to read it!!
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Title: Die-Version (MOV)
Warning: Explicit, non-penetrative m/m sex
Summary: There's really only one thing to do after you've survived falling from the sky in a tank.
A/N: This was the first movie & Fu King 'Verse story I wrote last year. I took it down a few months later because it felt off. My brain's on strike when it comes to stuff it NEEDS to be writing but decided it was the PERFECT time to give this story a complete overhaul so it could retake its spot on the timeline.

Die-Version )

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Title: Simpatía por el Diablo (Sympathy for the Devil) (MOV)
Warning: Explicit F/F sex
Summary: Charissa Sosa can't always get what she wants, but Amy Allen will always give her what she needs.
A/N: The third Fu King Amy/Charissa story. Takes place after Chasing El Diablo and Fringe Benefits.
Happy Femslash February!! I'm exhausted as hell so please let me know if this thing's riddled with errors. :D

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I've decided that this month I'm gonna try and write and post as much femslash & female centric stuff as possible.


Some stuff I've already got. Hopefully I can post a BUNCH more. :D

Chasing El Diablo -- Charissa's still hot on the trail of the A-Team, and decides she needs to interview the blogger who chronicles their exploits. She gets far more that she bargains for when she finally catches up with Amy Allen.

Fringe Benefits -- Set after Chasing El Diablo. Charissa won't admit it but there's always perks to ANY job.

Compromising Distractions -- Fanmix spanning the relationship of Amy Allen and Charissa Sosa in my A-Team Fu King 'Verse.
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Title: Perfect Fit (Movie)
Warning: PANTIES!!! That's really about it. And even then it's SUPER tame.
Summary: Face knows exactly what he's looking for.
A/N: For [ profile] purrslink's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY!! :* :* :*
Also for my [ profile] homebrewbingo card and [ profile] fanfic_bakeoff.

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Title: Slow Burn (Movie-verse Circus!AU)
Rating: R
Warning: Homophobic language, child abuse, mental health issues, violence and sex.

Slow Burn 2/2 )

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Title: Slow Burn (Movie-verse Circus!AU)
Rating: R
Pairing: Face/Murdock, but we go through Murdock/OMCs and mentions of Face/OFCs before we get there.
Word Count: 11,684
Summary: It took years of running before Murdock was finally able to find his way home.
Warning: Homophobic language, child abuse, mental health issues, violence and sex.
Author's Note: For [ profile] purrslink for the [ profile] a_tsecretsanta fic exchange.
Murdock's back story/Part one of the Outside Looking In 'Verse.
All circus lingo definitions are at the end of the story.

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I've read TONS of fan fiction in my day. A lot of AMAZING fics, but up until this point there were only two stories that broke my brain with their dark, utterly heartbreaking brilliance, Beautiful by [ profile] purrslink and My Manic and I by [ profile] matryoshkha. Both of these are A-Team (2010).

No lie, both of them shattered the FUUUU outta me but damned if I haven't read them over a dozen times a piece.

I DEF added another one on the "Break Stiney and watch her sob" rotation tonight for sure.


the inexhaustible silence of houses by Askance is gorgeous and sad and just absolute perfection.

Summary: Almost two years after the world doesn't end, Castiel falls from grace—and loses his voice in the process. It is the impetus for confession and change; before long, he is settling into a loving relationship with Dean, the Winchesters are tired, and hunting for a place to land has taken precedence to hunting anything else. Dean and Castiel fall in love with the strange little house on the end of Swallowtail Drive, and for a little while life is as it should be—sweet, affectionate, and beginning afresh.
But more and more Castiel sees and hears things in the house that beg the question of whether or not a place itself can be alive. The walls and rooms seem to shift and grow and breathe, and one night, Dean comes home from a hunt changed in a way that Castiel cannot explain. In the months that follow, their domestic bliss takes turns for the dark and sour, and the confusion of their circumstances will ultimately test everything Castiel knows about the man he loves, and everything he believes to be true.

Go read this story now!! Hell, if you haven't read the other two make it a whole night of crying your eyes out and being in awe of every minute of it.
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<--------   That's 100%, absolutely me right now. Which is why I spent last night screencapping and making a TON of new icons AND making stupid art for my AU but not writing any of it. Which means I can't show anyone the pictures because I haven't WRITTEN the story. >.> I'm starting to rethink my "finish the story completely before posting" rule I *JUST* imposed on myself. Maybe journal only until it's finished THEN I'll put it up other places?
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Ever get the STRANGEST story idea just outta nowhere? I don't even know where this thing came from. It's A-Team but COMPLETELY AU. I don't even know... but I kinda want it. xD Like really bad. Lol.
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Title: To the Victor Belongs the Spoils (Movie)
Warning: Language, panty kink, sex
Summary: Are there really any losers when the game is this fun?
A/N: Yep, I'm gonna just sit here and write all the damned panty fic. Also for my [ profile] homebrewbingo card.

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A-Team Slash Secret Santa sign ups are open from now until October 31.

The banner goes right to the sign up post. Come on you KNOW you wanna!!!


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