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The A-Team

Fu King 'Verse -- (Movie)

What was supposed to be just a couple PWPs has actually turned into a lot of my stories weaving together to an actual series for the movie. I'm putting all of them in timeline order in case someone's interested in my OCD. Lol :)

Pre-Plates Fiasco
Spontaneous Combustion -- A year before where the movie takes off in Iraq. Where our boys learn it's so much more fun to run off all that excess Jazz after missions with each other. F/M first time. Warning: Language, sex, character injury

Nothing to Regret -- 8 months after Spontaneous Combustion. Having sex with your best friend's supposed to be uncomplicated, right? Warning: Language, some naughty anger sex

Post-Plates During Movie
Come For Him - Murdock waits for Face. Warning: Masturbation. Murdock, Face/Murdock

Die-Version - There's really only one thing to do after you've survived falling from the sky in a tank. Warning: Non-penetrative m/m sex

After Movie
About Face -- Immediately after the movie. Face and Murdock have to finally talk to Hannibal regarding their relationship. Warning: Angst

I Fu King Love You -- The boys stop for some Fu King food and drinks on their way back to California from helping B.A.'s childhood friend, Jase, in Strikersville, FL (shamelessly lifted from the show) Warning: Language, sex

Forward March -- Companion piece to 'About Face'. Right after 'I Fu King Love You.'
B.A. finds out about Face and Murdock in probably the worst way possible and the boys have to deal with the fall out. Warning: Angst

Game Got Switched -- Ongoing big ol' Team job story that's got everything: explosions, escapes, poor hilarious sleep deprived Murdock and all the awesomeness that makes the A-Team kick ass. :) Warning: Language, violence, character injury, sexual discussions

Chasing El Diablo -- Charissa's still hot on the trail of the A-Team, and decides she needs to interview the blogger who chronicles their exploits. She gets far more that she bargains for when she finally catches up with Amy Allen. Warning: Language, f/f sex

Fringe Benefits -- Charissa won't admit it but there's always perks to ANY job. Warning: Masturbation. Charissa, Amy/Charissa

Simpatía por el Diablo -- Charissa Sosa can't always get what she wants, but Amy Allen will always give her what she needs. Warning: Explicit f/f sex

Fu King Timestamps (In chronological order.)

Bodywork -- A massage PWP. Warning: Language, sex. Face/Murdock (During Game Got Switched)

Rangers Don't Cuddle -- Face does some surveying after a mission goes bad. Warning: Character injury, talk of violence and past injuries, language. Face/Murdock (Post Game Got Switched)

Other Fu King things that might be of interest. :)

Compromising Distraction -- Amy Allen/Charissa Sosa fanmix

Non-Fu King -- (Movie and Series)

Movie Stories

A Team Effort -- Face needs help focusing to finish an out of the ordinary requisition request. BA's there to help. :) Warning: Sex, language, B.A./Face, mentions of BA/M/F and F/M.

Breathing Exercises -- B.A. gives Murdock a helping hand. Warning: Breathplay (Erotic asphyxiation), non-explicit sex. B.A./Murdock

Change of Plans -- Hannibal's plans never quite go the way they should. Warning: Language, Violence.

Explicit Instructions -- BAMFy PWP pure and simple. Warning: Threesome sex, all sorts of BAMFy combos. BA/Murdock/Face

Good Boy -- Puppy or pilot? Not an unusual question when your lover’s certifiable. Warning: None really.

Happiness Is A Warm Gun
-- Everyone has ways to deal with stress. Face and Murdock definitely have theirs. Warning: Language, explicit rough sex, dark and sadomasochistic themes, kinky consensual sexual violence, gun play.

I'm So Tired -- Face really just wants to sleep. Warning: Masturbation. Face, Face/Murdock

Into the Wind -- The Team has learned to accept a lot of things while on the run but sudden death may be one of the hardest. Warnings: Team Member Death, grieving, language, violence, alcohol abuse, slash (Face/Murdock), sex (m/m & m/f)

London Bridge -- After a shit mission B.A., Face and Murdock partake in a little rabble rousing to release tension. Warning: Threesome sex, language. BA/Murdock/Face

Love In the Time of the Aquamaniac -- Murdock goes to a movie alone, but is ambushed by Face. Warning: Some making out and groping that's about it. Face/Murdock

Meeting Needs -- Face has needs that only Murdock can fill. Warning: Spanking, Sex. Face/Murdock

Panty Raid -- Murdock has a surprise for Face. Warning: Language, panty kink, non-penetrative sex.

Pardon Me -- The A-Team is finally pardoned and there's a wedding. Warning: Language, sex, sickening sweet lurve. Face/Murdock, Amy/Charissa

Perfect Fit -- Face knows exactly what he's looking for. Warning: PANTIES!!! That's really about it. And even then it's SUPER tame.

Pookiebear Predicament -- Cracky story about Murdock and a teddy bear. Warning: Some language and sex discussed. Face/Murdock

Save This For Me -- Quality Time with Face and Charissa. Warning: Pegging, Explicit threesome sex. F/F/M & F/F sex. Face/Charissa/OFC

To the Victor Belongs the Spoils -- Are there really any losers when the game is this fun? Warning: Panty kink, sex. Face/Murdock

Worn Leather -- Familiar findings.  Warning: None. Face/Murdock

You're My Number One -- Sometimes you just need a little help from a friend. :) Warning: Utter, complete CRACK

Original Series Stories

Ain't That Something -- Five times someone thought Face and Murdock were in love and the one time the absolute blind fools finally realized they were. Warning: None.

Sweet Wonderful You -- PWP. Murdock misses Face. Face misses Murdock and shows him just how much. Warning: Language, sex

The Slay-Team 'Verse -- (Movie -- Monster/Werewolf!AU)

In 2010, a Supernatural Special Ops unit committed a crime, defying the government on supernatural matters. They promptly escaped and today still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a monster problem...if no one else can help...and if you can find them...maybe you can hire...The Slay-Team.

Eye See You... or How Hannibal Smith, Commander of the Supernatural Special Ops Unit, The Slay-Team Lost His Eye -- What's underneath Hannibal's eye patch? Inquiring minds wanna know. (GEN)

The Slay-Team -- How The Slay-Team became fugitives from the government (WIP) (Face/Murdock)

Leash Law -- There's only one way to keep Murdock under control. Will the same thing work for Face?
Even an AU needs a PWP.  (Face/Murdock)

Transmography -- The Slay-Team fanmix

Outside Looking In 'Verse -- (Movie -- Circus!AU)

Face, B.A. and Murdock's lives before and with the Burress Brothers' Circus. Up through when ATF Agent John Smith goes undercover in the same circus searching to expose dangerous gun trafficking.

Slow Burn -- It took years of running before Murdock was finally able to find his way home. (Murdock's circus backstory)

Kicking Sawdust -- Face's thoughts before the circus moves on to the next town.

Other Fandoms

Teen Wolf

Luminesce -- Life's snapshots held close. Warning: Character death, mentions of violence and blood, language, spoilers and rampant S3 headcanon speculation. Boyd/Erica

This Lonely View -- It's hard to forget scars when they go so deep. Warning: Mentions of injuries, blood, an ableist slur. Erica

Blonde Rebellion -- Erica Reyes fanmix. Warning: Season Two spoilers
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