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Title: The Slay-Team 6/? (Movie AU) (Ch. 1-5)
Warning Overall: Alternate Universe A-Team, Violence, Gore, Language, Monsters all over the damned place

“Watch out!” Hannibal's warning echoed around the room as a small, green, smoking canister was lobbed down the stairs and thundering footfalls followed as the cramped space of the bunker was filled with gas.

Face pulled his shirt over his nose and focused on steadying his breathing. Lynch's men were counting on the sudden lack of visibility giving them the upper hand, but it could just as easily be the team's advantage.

With adrenaline pumping wildly and Murdock baying loudly behind him, Face crouched low, sight set on the shadowy figure in front of him.

Timed to a sharp bang from the door he lashed out. Fist connecting with a gas mask where vulnerable cheekbone should have been.

Face's actions were still rewarded with a surprised grunt and the path toward the team cleared as Murdock’s howls reached a crescendo and the continued assault on the door rang out sharply.

The smoke burned Face's lungs as he moved toward Hannibal and B.A., but a body collided with him and nearly knocked him to the floor.

“Fuck.” Face snarled; the lack of oxygen and sight disorienting as a powerful blow sent him to his knees.

The sounds of his teammates struggling reached him as a rifle was shoved into the middle of his back and his hands were cuffed.

As the room cleared, Face saw Hannibal and B.A. on the ground as well. He continued to thrash until Hannibal caught his eye and gave him a look he’d seen a million times. One that told him to stand down because the older man had a plan.

The trio were hoisted to their feet as a familiar figure started to descend the steps.


“Colonel Smith! Why am I not surprised to see you here? I knew there was no way…” A flash of confusion rippled over smug features when the agent looked in Face's direction, but just as rapidly the arrogance was set back in place as he walked further into the bunker.

“Well, well. I am surprised to see you, Peck. But if you’re here and Baracus is there.” The blond gestured in B.A.’s direction before he turned towards the room that held Murdock. “That can only leave your head case pilot. Oh, this is good. We’ve never had a subject unstable before they’ve come to us.”

“You piece of…” At the agent’s admission, Face tried to yank his arm out of the tight hold of the guard at his back.

“Before? What the hell are you talking about?” Hannibal heatedly questioned as Lynch all but preened.

“Don’t worry Smith, you’ll find out soon enough.” The agent smirked triumphantly, but Face saw hesitation when the door gave a huge rattle and the angry swipes grew worse at his continued appraisal of Murdock.

“Eh, I can work with this.” Lynch shrugged at the slavering werewolf then grinned at B.A. “Too bad it wasn’t you, Baracus. Rogers cut an impressive figure in wolf form. You probably would have put him to shame.”

“Kiss my ass. You better be glad y’all got this bullshit on me.” B.A. pulled at his restraints before Hannibal spoke again.

“The S.D.A. did that? The government intentionally infected a Marine, an American with the werewolf virus?” Though the Colonel’s voice may have sounded even to an untrained ear, Face could hear the man’s anger bubbling under the surface.

Lynch puffed up again and Face had to hold back a laugh. The dumbass had no clue what he was in for when Hannibal got loose.

“Testing, Colonel. The military is always in need of better soldiers. Unfortunately, there were unforeseen consequences with Rogers. That’s why we chose your team to take care of the situation. You are the best there is, right? Though, I gotta tell you. I didn’t expect to get a replacement. What an added bonus.”

The guard’s hand tightened on Face’s arm as Lynch stepped in front of him. “You’re careless, Lieutenant. I actually thought it was you.” Lynch clapped Face roughly on the shoulder and the noise doubled as Murdock flung himself against the quavering door.

“What’s this?” Lynch laughed with amusement as he watched the door then turned back to Face. “Lt. Peck, are you? Are you fraternizing with a teammate? Tsk. Tsk.”

“Fuck you, Lynch.” Face spat as he attempted to lunge at the agent.

Lynch easily dodged the stifled movement. “Sorry, Peck. Not my type. Plus, wouldn’t wanna upset your boyfriend, here.” A quick nod of his head and the guard behind Face brought his rifle stock down.

Face collapsed to his knees and before he could register what was happening there was a loud crash and the door gave way, releasing the werewolf.

“Use the tranqs!” Lynch shouted; scurrying as far as he could when Murdock sprung forward in a flurry of motion.

Face tried to get leverage but the blow had left his vision blurry and his movements sluggish. He heard more than saw commotion coming from where Hannibal and B.A. were as another shot echoed around the room.

The dart made a loud impact but the beast kept charging for the guard who had hit Face.

"Murdock, no!" Face shouted as he got to his feet and tried to move in the werewolf's direction.

But it was too late.

With a vicious snarl that erupted into a raging roar, the werewolf's hand launched out, striking the guard and sending hot, thick blood spraying out of his neck and hitting Face across the cheek.

As the guard fell to the floor, last breaths coming in a gurgling death rattle, the werewolf kept moving to angrily advance on Lynch.

“Shoot this fucking thing!” Lynch shouted as he stumbled, hands outstretched in a false sense of defense as he was backed against the furthest wall in the bunker.

A flash of claws then more blood splattered as Lynch’s forearms ribboned just as another thwump of a dart hit the werewolf’s back.

Face barreled towards the beast as it raised its hand again and a gurgling scream escaped Lynch as claws striped across his face.

“Murdock!” Face called out, watching as the werewolf halted the attack long enough for its gaze to zero in on Face as he swayed unsteadily on his feet.

The beast was panting hard as blood dripped from its hands. It gave a deafening howl then returned attention to Lynch just as another tranq sent it staggering away from the agent before falling forward with a loud thud.

“No! No!” Face, hands still cuffed behind his back, rushed to Murdock’s side as guards ran to Lynch.

“Get them in the fucking hold!” Lynch slurred as a pale faced guard held a rapidly reddening cloth to the agent’s cheek.

“Sir, the werewolf…”

“I don’t give a fuck! Put them all in together. I don’t care if it rips them all to shreds and he comes back to himself long enough to sit in the mess.” Lynch ordered as he was helped up the stairs.

Face glanced helplessly in his teammates' direction before guards pulled him kicking and cursing away from Murdock's prone body, then they were all hauled out of the bunker and into an S.D.A. containment unit.

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