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So I recently when to JaxCon and OH MY GOD IT WAS GLORIOUS!!
I met sooooooo many AMAZING people and had so much fun.
And HOLY CRAP!! My pix turned out way way WAYYYYYYY better than when I went to DCCon in '14.

OH MY GOD!! This was SERIOUSLY my fav photo op of the weekend and I’m so so SOOOOOOOO happy it turned out so awesome.

Thankfully I got enough money between my birthday and Christmas, that my broke ass was able to buy the op a couple weeks before the convention.

The idea for the op came after and Amazon came through with a cheap blue vest, HUZZAH!!!! The name tag I made with photoshop and sticker name tags. The “slurpee” cups are filled with blue and red garland.

I was running hella late after the Cockles op and had to full force bolt to my car to grab my stuff. At which point I realized HOW late I was and legit started changing clothes on the side of the damned street.

When I got up there Misha friggin’ winked at me (Which seriously that shiat should be illegal!) again as I pulled out the slurpee cups. Then he took the blue one and BAM! photo.

I told him thank you, took the cup and I started off and then didn’t get very far because I was apparently still holding on to his thumb, which WHOOPS. XD

Since it was the last op of the night we had to wait around until close to 9. I was so exhausted by this point and not looking forward to the fact that I had get up for work at 1:30am THAT SAME NIGHT.

But it was so totally worth it when the photo came out because HOLY CRAP it was amazing and such an awesome way to end such an epic friggin’ weekend filled with so many laughs and kick ass people.

I seriously can’t wait to go back next year!!

Holy shiat so much friggin’ happened on the way to this photo.

My friend friggin’ hi-fiving Jared, who was standing so close to us while we waited in the op line that I could see individual strands of his glorious hair. XD

Getting to witness the AMAZING BRILLIANTNESS of another couple of my friend‘s Skittles op.

THIS friggin’ photo.

All of this before I even got to the front of the line.

WHIIIIIIIIIIIICH when I did, I jokingly told the volunteer that I’d changed my mind about taking the photo and waved my hand, at which point Misha leaned over and grabbed it and pulled me towards him.

THEN I’m pretty sure he tried to do some weird twirl me around thing but me being the fucking goober that I am, I stumbled...right into Jensen.
It was legit like something outta one of those cheesy assed movies. I looked up and he smiled and I’m pretty sure I said “Hi.” but I can’t be certain because next thing I know Misha’s crowding up against me and wrapping his arms around me and I basically blacked out from sheer joy.

When I stumbled away though something flashed in my head pretty friggin hard.

You were touching Jensen’s tummy.

No fucking way, I tell my brain.

Then I get the photo and BAM! Fuck yes I was.

No wonder my stupid face looked like I just won the friggin’ lottery.

So I was completely terrified for this photo. I was worried it was gonna turn out as bad as my DCCon op where Misha looked gorgeous but I looked like a fucking lunatic.

I went up to the op room with a couple friends and tried to stay calm. My friend, Becca had me repeating “Can I have a hug?” so I’d be prepared when I got up to Misha.

WHICH totally didn’t even come outta my mouth when my turn came cause he winked at me and held out his hand and I blurted out that his jacket was friggin’ awesome and next thing I know he’s wrapping his arms around me then BAM I’m floating outta the line all “OMG I just hugged Misha!!!!”

I felt 32894389458959% better about the op than the first time around in '14 and when I got the photo it TOTALLY solidified the awesomeness. XD XD XD


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